Call a Hellhole a Hellhole

This column is straight from the horse’s mouth. It is the must-read for this month, maybe for this year:

What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

By Karin McQuillan

Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town.  Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health.  That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, “a fecalized environment.”

In plain English: s— is everywhere.  People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust – onto you, your clothes, your food, the water.  He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch water.  Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a few decades later, liberals would be pushing the lie that Western civilization is no better than a third-world country.  Or would teach two generations of our kids that loving your own culture and wanting to preserve it are racism.

Last time I was in Paris, I saw a beautiful African woman in a grand boubou have her child defecate on the sidewalk next to Notre Dame Cathedral.  The French police officer, ten steps from her, turned his head not to see.

I have seen.  I am not turning my head and pretending unpleasant things are not true.

Senegal was not a hellhole.  Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures’ terms.  But they are not our terms.  The excrement is the least of it.  Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible.

Later, she says

The truths we hold to be self-evident are not evident to the Senegalese.  How could they be?  Their reality is totally different.  You can’t understand anything in Senegal using American terms.

Take something as basic as family.  Family was a few hundred people, extending out to second and third cousins.  All the men in one generation were called “father.”  Senegalese are Muslim, with up to four wives.  Girls had their clitorises cut off at puberty.  (I witnessed this, at what I thought was going to be a nice coming-of-age ceremony, like a bat mitzvah or confirmation.)  Sex, I was told, did not include kissing.  Love and friendship in marriage were Western ideas.  Fidelity was not a thing.  Married women would have sex for a few cents to have cash for the market.

What I did witness every day was that women were worked half to death.  Wives raised the food and fed their own children, did the heavy labor of walking miles to gather wood for the fire, drew water from the well or public faucet, pounded grain with heavy hand-held pestles, lived in their own huts, and had conjugal visits from their husbands on a rotating basis with their co-wives.  Their husbands lazed in the shade of the trees.

Yet family was crucial to people there in a way Americans cannot comprehend.

The Ten Commandments were not disobeyed – they were unknown.  The value system was the exact opposite.  You were supposed to steal everything you can to give to your own relatives.  There are some Westernized Africans who try to rebel against the system.  They fail.

We hear a lot about the kleptocratic elites of Africa.  The kleptocracy extends through the whole society.  My town had a medical clinic donated by international agencies.  The medicine was stolen by the medical workers and sold to the local store.  If you were sick and didn’t have money, drop dead.  That was normal.

So here in the States, when we discovered that my 98-year-old father’s Muslim health aide from Nigeria had stolen his clothes and wasn’t bathing him, I wasn’t surprised.  It was familiar.

She concludes

For the rest of my life, I enjoyed the greatest gift of the Peace Corps: I love and treasure America more than ever.  I take seriously my responsibility to defend our culture and our country and pass on the American heritage to the next generation.

African problems are made worse by our aid efforts.  Senegal is full of smart, capable people.  They will eventually solve their own country’s problems.  They will do it on their terms, not ours.  The solution is not to bring Africans here.

We are lectured by Democrats that we must privilege third-world immigration by the hundred million with chain migration.  They tell us we must end America as a white, Western, Judeo-Christian, capitalist nation – to prove we are not racist.  I don’t need to prove a thing.  Leftists want open borders because they resent whites, resent Western achievements, and hate America.  They want to destroy America as we know it.

As President Trump asked, why would we do that?

By all means, read the whole thing, and think carefully about what it means.

My comment:


No Leftist should be allowed to speak in public touching any of the topics of race, immigration, or the universality of American values until and unless he has read this column, and understood what is being said here.

The truth is that all men are made in God’s image, ergo all men are brothers.

Cain and Abel were also brothers. Brotherhood does not mean your brother is not a barbarian, a thief, a heathen who mutilates the genitals of little girls, or a man who defecates in public.

Racism leads to two opposite errors here, each equally foolish.

One man looks at a lazy, illiterate, thieving, and heathen savage, and they say that man is the same as Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Rev. Martin Luther King, and Thomas Sowell, because their skin color is the same. The Negro of no accomplishments and no virtues is said to be the same as those who were raised in a Christian nation, and accomplished great things.

The other man looks at Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Rev. Martin Luther King, and Thomas Sowell, and dismisses their accomplishments on the grounds that the skin color of these accomplished figures is the same as a lazy, illiterate, thieving, and heathen savage.

God picked your skin color before you were born. History picked your ancestry and culture. Your parents picked your upbringing. You pick what you accomplish given these raw materials.

You are praised or blamed by sane people based on what you accomplish or fail to accomplish. Insane people, weary or wary of the act of rational judgment, instead of reason, praise or blame you based on what God gave you.

To declare all men of a given group blessed based on skin hue is as insane and evil as to declare all men of a given group damned based on skin hue.

Neither approach works. One side will say that because men are brothers, no black man, no Muslim, no savage tribesman living in a hellhole socialist nation and trained from birth to steal, but not trained in hygiene, can possibly be Cain.

The other side will correctly say that merely bringing a man to American soil does not make him American. Then they go on incorrectly to say that nothing can make him American, nor his children, nor grandchildren. Some of the more extreme loons say that no German, no Irishman, no Spaniard, and no Catholic ever has been nor ever can be an American, because we are not born with the America gene.

Both errors scoff at the self-evident idea that all men are created equal.

The one, in the name of equality, says that America cannot achieve equality because the word ‘equality’ means inequality, and inequality means equality. A is not-A. (Logic is not a strong suit for racists nor for race-baiters.) They say they are innately superior to you, because you are racist scum and they are enlightened saints. They show their moral superiority by their various acts of slander, corruption, and extortion: by calling you racist, taking your stuff via taxes, and giving it to minorities in return for votes.

And, in so doing, the race-baiters give equality a bad name. If ‘equality’ means blaming whites for all evils, and excusing blacks from any blame, many an unwary youth will snarl and curse equality and the horse it rode in on, and walk away from all American ideals, thinking the medicine is causing the disease.

The racists are refreshingly straightforward compared to the hypocritical convoluted nonsense of the race-baiters. The race-baiters hate America and pretend they love her. The racists hate everyone outside their hue, but are blunt enough to admit it.

The racist says that whites are innate superior to some other race, like people from Persia or Spain (even though, technically, Persians and Spaniard are Caucasians. Precision is not a strong suit for racists nor for race-baiters.)

In effect, he will say that because Cain and Abel have different genetics and different average IQ levels, therefore there is no brotherhood of man, and there is no God.

In sum: One denies sin. The other denies salvation.

Christ defies both.

All other nations are racial. England is for Englishmen; Ireland for Irishmen; Israel for Israelis, and, yes, Senegal for the Senegalese.

America alone is based on a truth, not on a race. We are the nation with a creed and a dream.

The experiment of America is that men of any denomination or nation who adopt our creed, and dream our dream, and accept the truths we hold to be self evident, are candidates for citizenship in a free and equal republic, a land without a ruling class or caste.

In America, a black man, even an Alinsky socialist, can become President. There is no legal bar to elevation to any strata of society. That is what equality means. That is all it means. That is all it has ever meant.

Those who pretend that equality in law means equality in the mathematical sense of being identical and interchangeable units are not merely lying, they are insulting your intelligence by presuming anyone will be dolt enough to be deceived by such a lie.

America is the nation with the soul of a Church.

Like the Church, she is universal; but, like the Church, she refuses fellowship with heretics.

Or should have refused. That was what the point of rooting out un-American activities and communist sympathizers was, back in the sane days of McCarthy. The effort failed, and America was subverted, and currently her academic, legal and entertainment institutions are solidly in the hands of heretics. America is like a Church that elevates a Muslim to pastor.

Those who would make America a racial country would make her like England. But England cannot remain England: the creed of being English did not prevail in the postwar years against the creed of socialism, which robbed England of her soul; and the creed of socialism cannot prevail now against the Muslim, because it is aiding the Muslim against the Englishman.

The Muslims have a savage and filthy creed, but indeed they have a creed. Of course they are winning against the socialist ninnies who have nothing. Only a fool brings a Nerf toy to a knife fight.

If such ideas were adopted by America, would be tantamount to surrender to Islam. You cannot beat a creed with race-loyalty. Race-loyalty is weak. Only a fool brings a knife to a gunfight.

The bonds of religion are stronger than the bonds of race or clan; and bonds of race and clan are stronger than bonds of custom or law.

Blood may be thicker than water; but the wine on the altar is thicker than blood.