Not Tired of Winning Yet XXXIV

The pro-life march, consisting of happy families with healthy babies singing hymns and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, fell on the same weekend as the anti-life march, where female antihumans wearing their vagina on their head bawled, screaming, and puked out such crass and filthy obscenities, that no description can be offered here, on this family friendly journal.

Let no more be said of this: anyone interested in the psychopathology of feminism can look up for himself what was said or written on their signs.

He may contemplate for himself the question of why women, known throughout all prior ages of Western history to be the vestal virgins guarding the public decency, being delicate rather than vulgar, spiritual rather than crass, praying for enemies rather than cursing and hating neighbors, husbands, sons, and fellow citizens, refined rather than whorish, have entirely reversed this.

For one of my novels, I took the trouble to look up the swearwords and vulgar language used by real cowboys in real life back a century ago. Such language was, in that day, so crude and blasphemous that it could not be heard near women and children. Compared to what these modern ladies of the Left routinely utter as they blaspheme and curse, the rough side of low-class filthy cowhand talk was obscenely mild.

In other news, the Dems rage-quit the government budget, shutting down the government for all of one day, before caving. I have never seen the GOP win the tug of war involved in a government shutdown at any point in my adult life. Always before, the GOP would simply surrendered  preemptively, usually with alarming alacrity, weeping in fear, cringing, and soiling themselves in the most unmanly and craven fashion imaginable.

It is almost as if the kingmakers among the donor class select GOP political candidates based primarily on their lack of backbone, in order to ensure a gormless pliancy to the kingmakers.

Another victory.

The Dems are shamed, and more of the mask of droolingly stupid dull-eyed kindness covering the purple, rage-insane face of screaming anti-human hatred has flaked and fallen away.

Now, I am not sure why droolingly stupid dull-eyed kindness appeals to anyone, but I am sure even the most unwary and most easily deceived and most obedient Eloi gleefully offering themselves up on dinner platters, after killing their children in the womb at the command of their Morlock masters will be put on his guard when he sees the true face of destructive and self-destructive anti-human hatred blushing and frothing and snarling beneath.

The Morlocks have learned from long experience always to oppose everything for which America stands, everything the cross of Christ upholds, but that the Eloi will never see it. The Morlocks side with the Jihad in the name of Feminism, because the Morlocks want female genital mutilation, honor killings, and all of the inferior sex wearing full body trash bags; and in the name of Marriage Equality for Homosexuals, the Morlocks side with the Jihad who throw homosexuals off rooftops.

They support illegal aliens because this denigrates the rule of law. If they actually thought the USA was a racist and oppressive nation, they would not want illegals to come here and be victimized by big corporations and black market hirings.

They support Black Lives Matter because this encourages disobedience, contempt and violence toward police officers. If they actually worried about black lives they would insist on increasing police presence in high-crime poverty-riddled black urban neighborhoods, insist on repeal of gun laws, and insist on all the things needed to lower the rate of blacks murdering blacks.

For that matter, if they cared about any poor or underprivileged people in any way, shape, or form, they would dismantle the teacher’s unions and support vouchers, homeschooling, and other forms of academic freedom needed to reform public education.

And if they cared about America or any American ideal, they would cease the continual race-baiting, sex-baiting, anti-semitism and Christophobia, and the general hatred of the unborn, the old, the sick, the useless, and their specific hatred of all things white, Western, free, and liberal.

If they were honest, they would not call themselves by names referring to the opposite of what they are.

And they would stop boasting about how caring they are.