Progress Report

Well, congratulate me, friends. I made my writing quota this week: 10,000 words. This brings NOWHITHER up to 50,000. Another fortnight or so of writing, and I should have the first draft ready to send to the publisher.

Ilya has just found out that his father was blamed for the invasion of Earth and for California sinking into the sea (due to an extra-dimensional Eskimo warlock’s battle-curse); Penelope is likewise missing, thought to be under arrest by her mermaid sisters, since allegedly the Mad Scientist, Achitophel Dreadful, was a Soul-Extraction Lama from the dead aeon of Pha, and a traitor to the Wisecraft. Meanwhile, Foster Hidden and Abby the tween girl ninja-gypsy is missing.

I now see how full-time writers can put out a novel a month. Four weeks of twenty thousand words a day of copy will get you a first draft of a short novel in twenty or twenty-five days. And that is without working on the Sabbath.

I will be returning to posting regular columns of ‘The Last Crusade’ and my long-languishing Conan reviews to Castalia House in the near future.

I have to write a number of episodes of LOST ON THE LAST CONTINENT post-haste to be able to post them each Wednesday. Colonel Lost is about to meet the Eien, Last Immortal of the Fourth Men, a race called the Rephaim, by the vulgar called the Phantoms.