Sell Your Cloak, Buy a Sword

The call to arms has gone out from Milo Yiannopoulos. The Daily Beast is actively collaborating with the Jihadist to kill the daughters of conservative speaker Pamela Geller. Milo asks, and with considerable justice, why there is not a million man march on the offices of the Daily Beast, in strength and numbers and determination needed strike the fear of God into their hearts.

The Left are cowardly punks, but they are organized, and corporate America, and the weasels at National Review online, the entire polite conservative leadership, are terrified into paralysis.

Time to start organizing.

The Leftists are shooting cops, committing major crimes in the government (and covering it up), attempting to undermine the results of an election, groping women, molesting children, and now are actively cooperating with barbaric killers to menace our women.

His point: This is not just of few far Left activists. It is the mainstream news, the mainstream of the Democrat party, and the mainstream of corporate America, particularly Silicon Valley, who are slowly, effectively, relentlessly choking all voices of dissent into silence, and rejoicing at the death of the First Amendment.

It is not time to break the law, yet. But it is time to start marches, riots, and other forms of relentless civil disobedience to show the establishment our resolve.

If we have the resolve. Do we?

Do you?

The lamps are going out all over the world. It is time to start a few fires.