The Bill of Responsibilities

We have become obsessed and sickened with rights, and reached the point where, whenever someone or anyone wants to coerce any good thing, material or imponderable, of his neighbors, be it money or health care or honors or dignities or even pronoun-use, he claims to have a right to invade their rights. In the name of invented and unnatural rights, he forces his neighbors to provide for his wants and needs; and then for his entertainments; and now not only for his whims and sins, but for his insane whims and sins, as mad as those of Caligula and Nero.

Be done with the Bills of Rights. We understand our rights.

What we need now is a Bill of Responsibilities.


We, the people of the United States of America, recognize that each of us is given by our Creator a special role and purpose in life, with solemn and unalienable duties and responsibilities affixed thereto.

Necessity may, from time to time, excuse prompt execution of said duties, but no power on earth lawfully can abrogate, excuse, subdivide, share, or render collective.

We who are governed by a corrupt, swollen, and reckless federal government, now vow to shoulder the responsibilities we neglected, which neglect allowed evil politicians, activist judges, crony capitalists, nihilist entertainers, atheist teachers & professors, and dishonest newsmen to worm themselves into positions of power and influence in our civic and private lives.

We are free men. We kneel no longer, but stand each man on his own two feet.

We shoulder each man his own load without complaint, but stand ever ready to aid any weaker brother in need to help carry his.

1. Congress shall have no excuse to impose further on our freedom of  religion or the free exercise thereof.

We have the responsibility to worship publicly and unashamedly, each man as his conscience sees fit; to eschew false, frivolous, or satanic heresies and cults; and a further responsibility never to use the love of God as an excuse for human hate, acts of force, violence, or terror.

We have the responsibility to avoid prostituting the press and to avoid propaganda, fake news, and character assassination. The press shall not be used as an instrument to stir up riots or treason.

We have the responsibility to speak the truth to all men, humbly and in a civil fashion, but to avoid slanderous, libelous, blasphemous and scandalous material.

We have the responsibility to assemble for the common good as needed, to support patriotism and local loyalties by the accustomed public rites and ceremonies; to salute the flag; and to use our sovereign powers as citizens discreetly, wisely, justly, and for the common good rather than partisan advantage: but always to be zealous and well informed in public questions, and never to vote without due study the issues or the character of the candidates.

We have a responsibility to treat all men with dignity, despite deep disagreements, to allow them a platform, and to be familiar with their stance.

2. We have the responsibility to use firearms bravely, wisely and safely, to defend our freedoms, families and property. This is an individual responsibility.

3. We have the responsibility to house, pay, and care for our armed services, and see to it that soldiers, sailors, and airmen are properly honored and rewarded.

4. We have the responsibility to resist regulations and agencies intruding on our rights, or police attempting an unlawful search or seizure, by force if need be.

5. We have the responsibility as jurors to render fair and impartial justice, regardless of partisan loyalty; and to nullify unjust or unconscionable laws; to impose no undue burdens in civil cases; nor to impose liability when no human power is at fault.

We have the responsibility as citizens voluntarily to aid the police to enforce the law; to volunteer during emergencies for rescue and charitable aid.

6. We have the responsibility to render our communities civilized, safe and law abiding, which entails a duty to treat marriage as sacrosanct, human life as sacrosanct, including unborn life, property and privacy as sacrosanct, honest work as an honor no matter how humble or hard; and moreover entails that husbands and fathers have a duty to act the role of breadwinner, head of household, leader and father, and that wives and mothers a role as caregiver and queen, to economize, civilize, and domesticate the wildness of children and bachelors.

On good and honorable men rests the protection of civilization. On good and virtuous wives rests the fate of civilization. Parents have the sole responsibility to raise and educate our children.

7. We have a sacred responsibility not to ask the government for hand-outs, charity, tax breaks peculiar to specific business or parties, or for special laws to protect one group in a favored way, despite any past collective injustices or collective guilt. Collectivism is an escape from responsibility, and we damn and condemn it.

We have a responsibility to judge each man by the content of his character, and to eschew factionalism. No man is to be praised or condemned for his membership in a collective.

We will not weaponize the laws or the institutions of society against each other, openly or in secret.

8. We have the responsibility to remain ever vigilant of our liberties.

We have the responsibility to disobey unjust laws, to impeach activist judges, and remove any public servant guilty of peculation, corruption, or partisanship, regardless of any attachment of personal or partisan loyalty.

9. The enumeration of certain responsibilities in this Bill of Responsibilities shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

10. The responsibilities not delegated to the individuals are reserved to local institutions such as churches and private charities, municipal governments, or the states respectively. The Federal government is responsible for the items listed in the Constitution, and for nothing else, no matter how necessary or convenient.