My Exit from the Orbit of the Alt Right

I received an interesting letter. With the permission of the writer, I would like to share it here, without comment. It speaks for itself.

What I’m sharing is very personal and embarrassing, but if it may help others see the dangers of the Alt-Right, I will share it.
While I was reading their material, I noticed that my thoughts were shifting in an unchristian direction. As is common, garbage-in, garbage-out. Three things happened in a short period of time that proved this with the Alt-Right
1) I met a black ministerial official in my denomination. My first thought had to do with “how did he get elected?”
2) I was reacquainted with some old friends in an interracial marriage. Upon seeing their picture for the first time after reading Alt-Right (and I have known them for almost 2 decades), I mentally used a very sinful term to describe their relationship.
3) He, the man in that marriage, is director of a ministry and was ordained last year. I became jealous and my unchristian thoughts centered around the fact that he is a native of subsaharan Africa and our denomination should not ordain him. He should be ordained by the African part of the fellowship even though he lives here.
I have repented of these, and seeing it happen within me after reading only a couple of their authors more than made me very wary of the Alt-Right. It convinced me it was in the wrong. Add to that the teachings of DNA is destiny and similar nonsense.
I recall more than one essay pushing the idea that if you don’t have a certain makeup of DNA, ideas of liberty and limited governance will not take hold within you. Those statements are nonsense. Left unchecked, they can lead to evil.
You may share any of this on your blog that you feel will help illustrate the dangers of the Alt-Right.
Please do not use my name, and I have been less detailed in the anecdotes than I originally imagined I would as I could not commit the full details even to email for embarrassment. I am a committed Christian and a minister.
That the evil of racism would take root within me has led me to very guarding of my heart in that regard. If it was a test, I failed the first part but took the failure as a warning.