Where my Alligence Lies

A reader named JM1001 was asked a question we all must these days ponder. His answer expresses my sentiments more sharply and boldly than I could myself.

My allegiance lies with Christ, the One in whom there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female.

From what I’m hearing, this is how things would go in your utopian white ethno-state: You would pay me to leave, or even expel me, while allowing the atheist infanticide proponent Peter Singer to remain simply because he’s white. He gets to stay in his home. You would not pay him to leave. You would not expel him. His white skin is more important to you than my faith in Christ, my Lord.

His white skin is more important to you than the fact that he believes killing newborns is morally permissible; and my black skin is more important to you than my belief that all human life at every stage of development is intrinsically valuable.

In lieu of attempting to answer all of your loaded questions, I will only say this:

I am a small business owner. At the end of the day, I demand nothing more than equal protection of the laws and a chance to succeed; and, most importantly, to worship my God in peace without being harassed either by Caesar or race-obsessed utopian ethnic nationalists who would expel me from my home.

Maybe if you would get out into the real world and actually talk to some minorities — particularly those of us who live in red states, like I do — you would find that there are more of us with such modest desires than you might think. If the Constitution does not include me in the phrase “We the People”, insofar as I have equal protection of the laws of this land, then the Constitution is in error under the higher law of God, the eternal law, which is the measure of any morally legitimate human-made law.

But seeing this will require that you first stop worshiping the pagan god of Race, and decide where yourallegiance lies.

My comment:

To the social justice warriors, who would make this man into an helpless pet; and to the social injustice warriors who regard him as an undomesticated animal, allow me to say: a plague on both your houses.

One of your movements is larger, older, and better funded. Those are material differences. In spirit, you are the same.

And only the spirit matters in the long run.

In your choices of means and ends, in your collectivist philosophy, in your sacrifice of thought to sloganeering, in your  callow intellectual pride, in your use of Chicken Little scaremongering to justify evils you promote or contemplate, in your hypocrisy that destroys the very thing it says it defends and in your endless boasting that, like God Almighty, you alone know the shape of things to come …. you each are the twin brother with what you despise most.

Even in little things, in the vulgarity, the ugliness, the endless vilification of opponents and peacemakers: The same.

You are both materialists, seeing a man’s worth in the body of his birth, not in his mind and soul and spirit. You are both contemptuous of simple justice and simple decency.

The social justice warriors are become merely racists. The racists are become merely social justice warriors.

You think yourselves noble enemies of each other, but you are the mythical amphisbaena, the serpent with two heads sharing one body, one heart.

If you truly oppose the enemy you say you do, stop and look in the looking glass. See what you have become. Stop and bend your proud knees and arrogant neck and pray as if your eternal soul depended on it.

It does.