A Stern Reminder

I have been getting complaints from my regular reading community that a group of new readers, attracted to my blog in by the lure of a discussion about Jordan Peterson, decided to open up a conversation promoting antisemitism.

My policy is posted for all to see in the lefthand column of the opening page. If you are not familiar with it, I reserve the right to delete the posts and ban the posting privileges of anyone making antisemitic, racist, racial separatist or  racial supremacist remarks.

Because and only because I am the one, with my last post, who brought up the topic of antisemitism, and because it would be unfair of me to ban an antisemite for answering questions exposing his ghastly conceits when I am the one who asked the questions, the several people whom I have the right to ban, I shall not, or, at least, not yet.

With one exception, the antisemites have been polite and well mannered, and it would be ill of me not to encourage the devils to be polite.

But I wanted one and all to be warned that I will not tolerate the filthy atmosphere that racist political philosophies bring. Be aware of my rules. Nothing but my own sense of honor binds me to them. Do not impose further on my good nature.