Larry Correia on Origins

I confess to an unchristian and uncharitable desire to see Gamergate or Sad Puppies revived, and to have all the wretched Secret Masters of SJW, or whoever is behind this, exposed, shamed, and run out of town on a rail.

Larry Correia has posted an additional comment on the matter. It is R-rated language, which, in this case, is utterly justified:

When the Origins thing first happened, my wife got really pissed off that her husband was getting attacked AGAIN. So while I was in my office trying in vain to get John Ward to respond, Bridget posted on my fan page something basically to the effect of Fuck Origins, Nuke It From Orbit.

So some asshole screen capped her comment and is sharing it to try and shame her or something.

Ha ha ha

You assholes have NO IDEA who you are messing with. Beware the wrath of a righteous woman.

Of course she got pissed. She’s been putting up with lies and slander for years. This one came out of the blue, and not only did it hurt her husband, it upset one of her kids.

So you useless assholes are allowed to get all outraged over my imaginary sins and things I’ve never actually done, but this woman isn’t allowed to get angry? Fuck you. It don’t work that way.

Then you supposed feminists expect me to control her opinions? Fucking hypocrites. She’s stronger than all of you. She does what she wants and if you don’t like it, you can go to hell.

Some assholes are saying that my wife is some mastermind who riled up my fans with her two angry sentences. That tells me you don’t know shit about them either. Because my fans are about the most stiff necked, hard headed, opinionated people you’ll ever meet. My fans are bad ass. To give you an idea what the average Correia fan is like I was a bestselling author in BAGHDAD.

I’ve said that getting my fans to do stuff is like herding cats. Someone pointed out it is more like a pack of tigers, and they’ll only go in the same direction if they feel like biting something.

For you ignorant shits demanding that I “call them off”, you are clueless. They aren’t pissed because you insulted me. They are pissed because you insulted THEM. When you make up a bunch of lies to try and portray someone as a horrific monster, what does that say about the people who are fond of him, read all his stuff, and agree with him?


Now watch. Even though I’ve got a thousand random internet assholes working hard for the last 48 hours to allege every horrible thing possible against me, someone is going to come along and chide me for using bad language. Well fuck you too.

So in conclusion, if a petty professional victim has a right to be offended because I picked apart her boyfriend’s weak illogical article FOUR YEARS AGO, then Bridget has a right to be offended, and my fans have a right to be offended. And if you disagree you are a lying hypocrite.

My comment:

The SJWs have already ruined STAR WARS, STAR TREK, DR WHO, Marvel Comics, the Hugo Awards, the News media, the Anglican Church, and the Boy Scouts.

They ruin the fun for everyone.

They nag, they lie, they play holier-than-thou, and at the same time promote moral depravity that makes your stomach turn. These are the same people, allegedly so afraid of Larry Correia, who defended and continue to defend Marion Zimmer Bradley and her homosexual husband running a pedophile ring at conventions.