Make Outer Space Great Again!

It is TIME for a CHANGE!

I am pleased and proud to announce the onset of a long-awaited campaign to quit my dayjob, take up my pen, light it on fire, and ignite the slumbering spirit of fandom.

As of this day, the campaign to Make Outer Space Great Again begins, and you can be part of it.

I calculate I produce a novel every sixty days, starting with the pulp material I have previously published in serial format on this site, and then later branching out to other works.

I am particularly eager to finish the first volume of STARQUEST which is my answer to the disappointed and ruination a certain Mouse has visited on a long loved favorite franchise we all know and love.

On Freestartr, a website blessedly free from Big Brother and devoted to absolute freedom of speech, we begin the first of two funding drives.

This first seeks monthly contributions to pay the monthly mortgage and buy a cup of coffee, so I can have a roof overhead and a cup of joe in hand while typing like a mad mantis to delight the souls and enrich the lives of my beloved readers.

The second will concentrate on getting the basics together for STARQUEST, cover art and such, and it will be a one time deal.

Here is the pitch:

The Pulp Revolt starts here! You have nothing to lose but your yawns!

Goal: to fund SF Grandmaster John C Wright penning 6 books year, and make space great again!

First is LOST ON THE LAST CONTINENT, a tale of the dusk of time!

Description: A quarter billion years hence, man is hunted to extinction by the mutants and posthumans unwise meddling with nature has brought forth.

UFO abductions are real! Chasing a flying saucer through the storms above the Bermuda Triangle, aviator, adventurer and big game hunter Col. Preston Lost falls though a hole in spacetime, and emerges above a volcano-lit hellscape swarming with dinosaurs. Beneath a giant moon, all continents are merged into one: Pangaea Ultima.

The hunter becomes the hunted! Giants and terrors pursue Preston Lost across jungle, lava, and precipice, seeking from him the secret of the Time Tesserect, which he is destined to destroy. But first he must rescue Cynisca, the last princess of Atlantis, torn, as he was, from her own time, to be enslaved amid the savage ruins of a posthistoric future!

Men and beasts from all eras, ages, and eons have been gathered at the end of time to serve the sinister purposes of the Watchers, the eighth and penultimate race of man. Artificial evolution has reached a wretched dead end. Does Preston Lost, a man from the dawn of man, hold hope for a tomorrow beyond tomorrow?

The first novel in the ongoing series is RUNAGATE OF PANGAEA. The second is TERRORS OF PANGAEA.