Masculine Women and Disempowered Men

Long time readers know my opinions on allegedly strong female characters in fiction. Hence it is a delight for me to hear similar opinions explained so clearly, spritefully, and thoroughly, by so charming a spokesman.

Please pay particular care to one point she raises here, at about the 25 minute mark, which I never addressed in my articles on the topic: how such stories starring macho women and weak men is reflected in society to disastrous effect.

Women are taught that womanhood is weakness, men are taught that manhood is toxic. The traits are suppressed, but then break out again in corrupt forms.

She lists the prime admirable masculine traits as focus, generosity, confidence, discipline, protection: when suppressed, these become corrupt.

Focus becomes small-mindedness; confidence to egotism; discipline to authoritarianism; protective instincts become aggressiveness.

She does not say, but generosity can turn into profligacy in men.

She lists the prime admirable feminine traits as vulnerability, understanding, a desire to nurture, cooperation, tolerance, subtlety, and desire to create beauty.

When suppressed, vulnerability becomes over-sensitivity; a desire to nurture becomes neediness; cooperation becomes submission; subtlety becomes manipulativeness; a desire for beauty becomes vanity and shallowness.

Please note the parallel between corrupt feminine qualities and the qualities displayed by feminists. Please note the parallel between corrupt masculine qualities and the qualities displayed by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Social Justice Warriors in general.