Not Tired of Winning Yet XXXVIII

President Trump has not only kept more of his campaign promises than any politician who has served in my lifetime, he may have kept more than any politician in history. Perhaps this is because he is not a politician, but a businessman, who expects the terms of signed contracts to be carried out. Perhaps it is his personal integrity. Perhaps it is the grace of God.

One promise was to renegotiate the so called Iran Deal, or to rip it up. Yesterday he did so.

Those of you who do not recall, we in the United States once lived in a Constitutional republic, where the federal government could make no treaties with foreign powers except by the advice and consent of the Senate.

Barack Obama was elected president but, in an office of greater importance, was anointed to be the new Messiah.

As Messiah, He arrogated to himself the sole authority to rewrite the Constitution as He, in His wisdom, saw fit. He revised the unwieldy clauses not to His liking in the Constitution, and granted the Executive Branch, which was, Himself, the sole authority to make treaties, without the consent of the Senate.

The treaty he thus made was called a ‘deal’ and not a treaty, because if the devils in hell call anything by the right name, it burns their tongues. The Democrat party, and their mouthpieces in the so-called Press, follow the exact same rule, for reasons which perhaps do not bear looking into. So the thing was called by a false name.

The provisions of the treaty were that the West would lift its economic sanctions again Iran, and would give to the current regime the one hundred billion dollars in assets, until then frozen in American banks, belonging to the previous government.

In return, Iran would spit in the eyes of America, curse us, kill our newspapermen, servicemen, and ambassadors, fund terrorism worldwide, and work furiously to develop a nuclear weapons, as well as longrange missile capacities, so that both our allies in the region, and American cities domestically, could be threatened or obliterated.

The deal never required Iran to submit to international inspectors. In never required a cease to their ballistic missile program, nor to their support for international terrorism, nor to their sinister meddling in the affairs of Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Inexplicably, these provisions were meant to sunset by 2025.

The American news media, in a paroxysm of mouth-foaming madness, hearing that Obama had become, in one hour, the chief sponsor funding international terrorism to the tune of one hundred billions of dollars in bullion and unmarked bills, danced in graveyards, howling in joy at the moon, and dug up the corpses of the newly-dead slain by terror attacks funded by Tehran, and feasted on the raw, maggoty, and grisly remains.

With puke and blood running in rivers down their unclean mouths, this same news media is currently sitting doglike among the bones, blinking, wide-eyed, in the dazzle of public scrutiny, and whining plaintively that the public whom they despise and loathe and deplore, and to whom they lie routinely and without pause, seems no longer to love them as they did in the days of Walter Cronkite, otherwise known as the son of the father of lies.

The Iranians, despite that the deal gave them everything and demanded nothing but a seven year hiatus in their race to develop as Muslim Bomb, broke the deal.

Donald Trump, a grown up, saw the illegal treaty for what it was, and folded it into a paper airplane, and sailed it out the window of the Oval Office and onto the ever growing ashheap in the small garden behind the White House, where Obama’s legacy is smoldering, smoking and blowing away on the gentle zephyrs of Easter. You see, in government, whatever is done with a pen and a phone, without the consent of lawmakers, can be undone with a pen and a phone.

The Iranians are currently burning the American flag on the floor of their parliament building, cursing and stomping at the spreading flames, singing their beards.

The press, puke and blood streaming from their stained fangs, sorrowfully reports that Trump has aggravated the Iranians, and has caused the whole world never again to trust us.

I grow dazed and faint from too much winning.

And yet, still, despite groaning in surfeit of victory, I want more! More, I say! Heap joy upon me until I weep salt tears!

I want the last traces of Obamacare gone; I want Murder, Inc., defunded and abortion made once more illegal; I want the organizers and enablers of prenatal infanticide hanged from lampposts in the public square; I want the activist judges who legislated this ongoing evil to be hanged next to them, food for dogs and crows; I want control of local matters returned to the state and local government; I want the spine of the teacher’s union broken, and public schooling returned to local control, or else abolished; public funding of schools to be replaced with a voucher system, or else abolished; I want the notorious historical trend predicting a midterm wins for the party out of power to be reversed, and for Dems to lose seats this year; I want the blacks in this nation to open their eyes, and see what the Dems have done to their families, their neighborhoods, and their self respect with policies creating decades of dependency, poverty, and self-fulfilling prophecies of victimhood.

Meanwhile, no television news channels have carried the following story, so it is only available from Trump’s twitter account:

“I am pleased to inform you that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the 3 wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting. They seem to be in good health. Also, good meeting with Kim Jong Un. Date & Place set.”

Did I mention that another high ranking Dem pervert was forced to resign in disgrace for his long habit of molesting and abusing women? He was, of course, of course, an advocate of women’s equality who promises to protect the weak and helpless little dears against the mean meanness of mean Republicans. Why an equal and free people of either sex should need a champion of the opposite sex to defend their interests against their enslaving and oppressive superiors of the opposite sex is a conundrum. Is he so greater in strength that they depend on him? Hmmm…

And yet, somehow, Mike Pence, who never goes to dinner with a woman not his wife without a chaperon, HE is the villain and the darkest devil. Men like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton are the great heroes of feminism. Hmmm…