Prayer for the Workingman

As I am looking for a new job, I say the following prayer to Saint Joseph:

Saint Joseph, I thank God for your privilege of being able to work side by side with Jesus in the carpenter shop of Nazareth. As a token of your own gratitude to God, obtain for me the grace to respect the dignity of labor and ever to be content with the position in life, however lowly, in which it may please Divine Providence to place me. Teach me to work for God and with God in the spirit of humility and prayer, as you did, so that I may offer my toil in union with the sacrifice of Jesus in the Mass as a reparation for my sins, and gain rich merit for heaven.

The wife and I are seriously debating whether I should just throw off my dayjob, and work as a writer fulltime. I vow I could write a book every month, or every other month, and finish off the projects my dear fans are waiting to see, Moth and Cobweb, or Somewhither, or my new Star Wars inspired “Wright Way to Write it” project called Starquest.

The wife and I are puzzling out how to do a freestarter or kickstarter campaign to pay for things like cover art. You may have seen her notice in this space previously.

In any case, prayers would be helpful to me should any fans who are Christian be willing to remember me to heaven. My pagan fans, I am not sure if you call up spirits from the vasty deep, whether they will be on my side or not, so use caution.