The Idiotic Utility of Useful Idiots

Some gentleman or lady of limited moral and mental capacity left this tidbit in my comments box:

Anyway, as regards racial diversity in the here and now, the fact is that most Western countries are racially diverse, and that one group in particular (ie, Jews) regularly seems to be over-represented in certain fields beyond what things like IQ & other merit-based theories can account for.

But is it beyond what Jewish mothers haranguing their sons into high paying jobs can account for?

And, just as question here, Mein Schatz, how exactly do you calibrate the precise level of Jews or untermenschen to be accounted for by merit based theory in certain fields, such that any number beyond that limit must ergo not be due to merit?

Is there some precise, scientific way of determining which race entering which fields in which numbers is correct and scientific, such that if too many members of that race enter that field, it means they are involved in a sinister conspiracy?

Because, if so, Mein Herr, I would like you to account for the fact that all the major beer companies in America are German: Busch, Budweiser, Blatz, Schlitz, Pabst, Miller, etc, etc.

The major rocket scientists in Huntsville and atomic scientists on the Manhattan Project were German.

Huh. It is almost as if different people, both individually and as groups, have different talents, skills, interests, and strategies for success. Fancy that.

But that isn’t quite the whole picture: it’s not just any old fields that we’re talking about after all, but the ones that are most influential on our laws, society, morals and culture.

Very interesting, Mein Fuhrur! So the good and honest German Aryan lads gain control of the beer market and fill the general staff of all the Armed Services, rocketry and atomic missiles, while those sinister hook-nosed Zionists are busy cornering the market on being stand-up comedians, bankers, and Hollywood film moguls! And the Negroes are filling up all the basketball teams in the NBA!

And what about all those Catholics filling up the bench of the Supreme Court? Eh? Am I right? Eh?

You have discovered the secret history of the world!

The conspiracy is now laid bare to your eyes and yours alone!

Your fabulous Aryan racial superiority has allowed you to foresee why Jews who work their assess off from dawn to dust prosper in all-powerful fields like musical comedy shows, while poor, innocent folk of German descent, like Astor, Einstein, Eisenhower, Hoover, and Trump only end up with crummy jobs as billionaires, scientists, war heroes and United States President.

The one hundred million people you and your murdered during the Twentieth Century was not enough! The twelve genocides in the Twentieth Century were not enough!

Let’s try more identity politics again! Real Socialism has never REALLY been tried, has it?

All sarcasm aside:

How stupid do you think we are? How forgetful?

Was this not the same line of patter, the exact same line, you and yours spun out in Wiemar Germany before the rise of the National Socialists?

It is no different from the line of patter spun out by Feminists blaming men, Communists blaming investors, Race-hustlers blaming Whitey, Perverts blaming Christians, for all the evils in the world.

A sense of self preservation, if nothing else, would urge me to scorn and condemn your hatemongering, if for no other reason than National Socialists and Socialists alike always round up the Catholics to go into the concentration camps after you are done rounding up the Jews.

You hate us because we obey any worldly authority placed over us, but do not consider that authority to be ultimate.

We will not honor your Caesar as a god, and your worldview cannot tolerate that.

You select the Jews because, as a race, they never fight back. Now, of every race on Earth, I can think of none least likely to be a threat to anyone. I perhaps, with effort, could name a tribe they enslaved or wiped out in Biblical times. But since the fall of Jerusalem to the Greek, no, I cannot name one, not one nation, not one country, not one peoples they have harmed or oppressed. (Their difficulty with the Palestinians is the opposite.)

You and yours quake in fear and growl in loathing at the sinister Jewish threat, while I look back at the sweep of history as ask, where and when, exactly, did the Jews ever ruin a nation before now? Which nation fell due to Jewish weakening of their moral fiber? Russia? England? Spain? Byzantium? Rome? Note that I am listing placed famous for mass-murder, mass-confiscation, and mass-exiles carried out against the Jews.

Ah! But Karl Marx was a Jew, and so were many members of the Socialist movements and revolutions in the Twentieth Century. Can not all the things done by the Soviets therefore not be placed at the feet of the Jews?

Only if the race were suicidal. Calling all Socialism or all Leftism “Jewish” when Socialism killed more Jews in the Twentieth Century than the Black Plague killed Christians in the Fifteenth would be an odd bit of rhetoric indeed.

Historical note: the whole Jewish Conspiracy against Our Morals and Way of Life nonsense, at least in its Twentieth Century form, was and is a psychological warfare operation invented and carried out by the Soviets after World War Two.

In order to undermine the trust Europeans had in the United States, the Soviets spread the propaganda that the US was secretly controlled by Jews, and that we would one day betray the Christian peoples of Europe, and subjugate them to our Jewish masters.

This also was meant to aggravate the racial tensions in America, as was Soviet support for the Civil Rights movement. Russia, as an empire torn by continual and deep seated mutual race hatred, could neither understand nor tolerate the amity and goodwill with which all race were treated in the American melting pot.

So anyone carrying on the project of Soviet propaganda so many years after the Soviets are on the dustbin of history are like some black powder mine left over from the Civil War waiting to explode and kill again, long after the war is done.

The useful idiots have proven more useful and more idiotic than even Stalin, on his best day, would have hoped.

To the devil with you, sir.

Note to my readers on this blog: I now routine delete Anti-Semitic comments here and ban the users. The thing is not open to discussion.