Freestartr still stalled

Jagi, here.

Sadly, Freestartr is still unable to collect funds. We will give them until the beginning of October before we consider giving up on them. We are still hoping they will recover.

In the meantime, Freestartr patreons, you can wait, too, or send your monthly contribution through Paypay, as you wish.

To both Freestartr and Patreon folks, and those who support us directly, we are so very, very grateful for the support of all you guys !!!

On a somewhat related subject, because of carelessness by yours truly, there is no recording of this month’s live chat. John and I are going to try to make it up to Action Team Swan by recording a brainstorming period  or some other conversation on book related topics between the two of us.

Thanks, all!  And God bless!