Red Pill on Leave

Dear readers, I should have explained last week that Max Kolbe is taking a sabbatical from the internet, and so our weekly podcasts of Red Pill Religion will be on hold for at least a month, perhaps longer.

Maybe I will start my own podcasts, just of myself standing in an echo chamber ranting into a microphone on topics only of concern to me.

Hmmm … What are the topics over which I most obsess?

FIRST EPISODE: Where are my shoes? Honey, have you seen my good shoes?
SECOND EPISODE: Why is there a chipped red mug sitting on the landing of the stairway?
THIRD EPISODE: How do you adjust the margins in Word for Mac? Honey, I cannot seem to get this this, ugh, wait, I think I have it … darn it! Now it switched to web layout! I don’t want web layout!
FOURTH EPISODE: If reality is objective, how can mortal man, confined as  each man is to his own coign of vantage, learn the objective truth even of this, namely, whether reality is objective?
FIFTH EPISODE: My rosary is missing a bead. Can I just say 49 prayers today?
SIXTH EPISODE: I need my glasses to find my glasses! I cannot look for my glasses without my glasses because I cannot see! What do you mean they are in my hand? Uh…Wait a minute…?
SEVENTH EPISODE: Honey, where did I put Episode Seven? It was around here somewhere, I am sure…
EIGHT EPISODE: No, not those shoes, my good ones! You threw them out because they were ratty? In 1992?
NINTH EPISODE: No one left any comments on my last two episodes of Lost on the Last Continent?  I thought those were really good episodes. I guess not everyone has a strong emotional or critical reaction every four pages in a pulp adventure novel.
TENTH EPISODE: Honey, what am I looking for and why can’t I find it?