Signal Boost: Star Knight Saga

Jagi, here. We are not the only folks on the Star Wars/Not Star Wars bandwagon. Here is another that is gaining a lot of

Star Knight Saga

by Bradford Walker



Star Knight Saga,

Book One: Reavers of the Void

Old school Space Opera! Action, romance, giant robot combat, adventure on a stellar scope and scale!
Has Star Wars let you down? Not feeling it out of the big New York or London publishers? Has Japan failed to scratch your itch for something new out of Space Opera? What if you could get an independent novel series that satisfied those cravings? Action! Adventure! Romance! GIANT ROBOT COMBAT! Space battles! Knights with laser swords that are actually men of valor! Heroines who are actual women full of grace and beauty, inspiring and uplifting their men! Star Knight Saga has all that. Back it.
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