Reader Poll! High Road or Low Road?

Dear readers, it is my habit, if a hitherto unknown reader leaves a comment that consists of an insult devoid of content, to return insult for insult in the hopes of amusing my readers and deterring the empty-headed incivility of the barbarians. Nonetheless, I suffer a qualm of conscience when I do so, since ad hominem is illogical, and beneath the dignity of the Houyhnhnm race to which aspire. And it makes Baby Jesus cry.

So, help me decide. One the one hand, I am tired of Conservatives, for reasons of misplaced chivalry, being harassed and libeled by villains and standing mute or answering politely in return. I believe this is the prime cause for the present degeneration of society: using Marquis of Queensbury rules in a knife-fight.

On the other hand, such antics are undignified and crass, and redound no glory to my household. Any fool can call a stranger a fool, after all, and looks a fool when he does it.

Which would amuse and please my readers more? If you humble host takes the lofty high road, or the brawl and broil in the gutter?