Demons About to be Exorcised

These quotes are taken from an article by  Jennifer Hartline entitled It’s Not Kavanaugh, It’s Roe. Her words are so wise, and cut so deep, I thought it best to amplify them, and to ask my readers to do the same.


Any honest observer has to be repulsed by the histrionics displayed during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Screaming women raving like lunatics about one thing: abortion-on-demand. At the thought that they may not be able to extinguish the natural results of their sexual encounters, that the child they help create is a human being they are obligated to protect, the pelvic Left becomes absolutely unhinged. Unhinged is even too inadequate a word. It’s like the behavior of demons about to be exorcised.

Miss Hartline is not slow to identify the demon involved.

She continues:

A nation that considers killing its own children to be the pièce de résistance of its fight for empowerment and justice is suffering a suicidal delusion.

And that’s precisely what we’ve got here in America. The delusion is so hypnotic and addictive that nothing must be permitted to question it or come against it. There must be sexual pleasure without price. Nothing matters more than sexual gratification. The god of the groin is perpetually unsatisfied and greedy.

So the modern sophisticated pagans want to continue exposing the unwanted child to birds of prey on a rock in the midday sun. The allegiance they require to abortion-on-demand is no different and no better. Except that today they remove those lucrative brains and organs first. (I guess our ancestors didn’t know there was money to be made from baby body parts.)

After 45 years of this demonic delusion, with millions of babies picked apart by vultures in lab coats, along comes the possibility that finally the most sickening injustice of all time may be undone, and the pelvic Left is twelve different kinds of hysterical.

They don’t hate Brett Kavanaugh because of anything he may have done over thirty years ago. Any transgression can be forgiven if fervent devotion to abortion is manifest.

They hate Kavanaugh because they love abortion and he does not. Hell hath no fury like “women’s rights” scorned.

Read the whole thing: It’s Not Kavanaugh, It’s Roe.

My comment: The difference between the pagans today and of yesteryear is that no money was made from throwing unfit or unwanted children into the pit of Apothetae . Even the Aztecs only slaughtered human sacrifices because they thought the sun would go out if they did not. It was not merely a convenience, so that satyrs and adulterers could escape the consequences of impregnating their paramours.

And if any modern thrall of Moloch shrieks to you that the victim is a fetus, not a little child, remind him gently that foetus is nothing other than the Latin word for little child.

But stand well away from him as you do, ladies, for otherwise the alleged large-hearted and compassionate advocate for women’s rights will kick you to the ground.

Hmm. I wonder what to what idol the holier-than-thou yet soy-drinking pajama boy infanticide grinning in this video clip bows the knee and serves.