Musical Corner

I consider this a Jordan Peterson themesong.

Listen to it carefully, and then stand up straight and go clean your room. That no singers sing songs with such lyrics these days is a sad sign.

You’ve gotta dig, dig, dig, dig for your dinner,
Nothin’s what you get for free.
You’ve gotta dig, dig, dig, dig for your dinner,
Never was a money tree.
And furthermore, my friends, I must repeat,
Nobody’s livin’ down on Easy Street;
And if you want to owe for groceries,
You’re gonna get an awful lot of “No sir-ee’s.”
You’ve gotta dig, dig, dig, dig for a dollar,
‘Taint as simple as you think.
You can’t purloin a sirloin
Or the butcher will put you in the clink.
You just can’t be a lazy bird,
You’ve gotta get off o’ your twig;
So you can afford your room and your board,
And it’s nice to have the price of a “cig.”
Say, you’ve gotta pay the fiddler man
If you want to do a jig.
You’ve gotta be as busy as a bee
To be a Mister B. I. G.
And if you want some dig-dig-dignity,
You’ve gotta dig, dig, dig, dig, dig for your dinner,
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig.

That’s right!
You gotta see the light
You gotta pull your load
You gotta dig the ground
You gotta get it hoed
– You gotta pitch right in or hit the road
You gotta feed the chickens
You gotta milk the cow
You gotta stack the hay
You gotta push the plow
You gotta feed, milk,
stack, push The time is now
And dig, dig, dig, dig, dig
You gotta pull the weeds
You gotta rope the steer
You gotta bag the tiger
Gotta shoot the deer
– You gotta see your dentist twice a year
– And dig, dig, dig, dig