Not Tired of Winning LI

Kavanaugh is confirmed.

The Associated Press reports:

Acrimonious to the end, the battle featured a climactic roll call that was interrupted several times by protesters in the Senate Gallery before Capitol Police removed them.

The vote gave Trump his second appointee to the court, tilting it further to the right and pleasing conservative voters who might have revolted against GOP leaders had Kavanaugh’s nomination flopped.

Rep. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, confronting a tough re-election race next month in a state that Trump won in 2016 by a landslide, was the sole Democrat to vote against Kavanaugh.

Note: Manchin actually voted for Kavanaugh. The wishful thinking of the leftwing news peeps through here, perhaps a Fraudian error. I could not find a single conservative news source on a Google search for page after page of results. 

Every voting Republican backed [Kavanaugh].

Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, the only Republican to oppose the nominee, voted “present,” offsetting the absence of Kavanaugh supporter Steve Daines of Montana, who was attending his daughter’s wedding. That rare procedural maneuver left Kavanaugh with the same two-vote margin he’d have had if Murkowski and Daines had both voted.

It was the closest roll call to confirm a justice since 1881, when Stanley Matthews was approved by 24-23, according to Senate records.

Those of you who voted for Trump reluctantly, now is the time to burn your “Nevertrump” hats, banners, bassards and bumper-stickers.

You thought he was a typical New York limo liberal, and he would never stand up to the moral suasion of the Mainsteam Media, but would fold like Bush and his “Read My Lips” promise. I thought so, too.

Either through the grace of God or the confluence of benevolent stars, Trump’s lifetime of New York liberality and playboy libertine liberalism retain no chain to bind his behavior as president. Instead, he is ruling in a fashion that is more conservative, more Christian, and more American than any allegedly conservative politician in my lifetime.

He kept his promise. So far, he has not broken one, not a single one, that I can call to mind. I cannot think of any politician in my lifetime, conservative or no, who can make that boast.

The Supreme Court is now five to four conservative to radical. It function as a permanent Leftwing super-legislative body of unelected Philosopher-Kings is done. God willing, it will return to its proper and limited sphere as a co-equal branch of the general government.

And, God willing, the abomination of the holding of Roe v Wade, robbing all states and communities of the right to debate, decide, and vote on this horrific issue of child murder will be called into question, decided on real Constitutional reasoning, not phantasmagorical and chimerical emanations of penumbrae, and our God-given right to vote on our laws to rule us will be recognized and exercised once more.

Had you not voted for Trump, my dear reluctant Republicans, Hillary Clinton would be president, and this Supreme Court vacancy would have been filled by Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore or Che Guevara.

But she did not win. Let the joyous news be spread!