Some Observations on the Feast of St. John

Merry Christmas. The end of the year is a good time to list what is wrong with the world and what can be done about it. This is a very abbreviated list, since my latest project is calling, and you have all heard my opinions on this matter many a time.

We often feel these days that we are living in a sick version of the Han Christian Anderson’s fable about the Emperor’s New Clothing, except that, when the little boy calls out that the Emperor is naked, the grown ups in the crowd shout him down angrily, and call it hate speech.

The crowd is clearly being lured to live in a fantasy world where the fact-free delusions are conjured up by mountebanks to flatter their ego. One wonders if the boy is being lured into another fantasy world, one where he is sole man of vision in the country of the blind.

First, dear reader, you are indeed being tempted. That is that way the powers of darkness work: on the one hand, the darkness tempts the crowd (in this case, the political correctness crowd) through pride and folly to say and to do stupid things, and they praise the Emperor’s invisible robe.

But then on the other hand, the darkness tempts you (and tempts me) to feel despair, because so many people are proud therefore blind, and their victory seems inevitable, and to feel pride, because so many people are foolish.

The way the scoring system works is that if you (or I) surrender to despair or to pride, the darkness wins a point. That is just as much a victory for the enemy as luring a Dem to shout that the Emperor’s new robe is gorgeous.

Second, the masculine approach to life and the feminine approach are opposite and complementary. In the masculine approach, the ends do not justify the means, and good intentions unmoored from practical plans but pave the road to hell. In the feminine approach, the intention is all that matters. Masculine approach looks at facts, and facts do not care about your feelings. Feminine approach looks at feelings, and feelings are fact-free.

Now, one might think the feminine approach has no place in life, but that is a narrow view.

When raising children, or building a community spirit, making a house or a village worth while to live in, the feminine genius has a crucial role to play. Teaching the child to have the right intentions, the right attitude, is far more important than the particular task at hand. Since the task at hand is being done by children, the results simply do not matter. But forming the child’s character, making sure the child thinks the right thoughts, and become habituated to virtue, is all important.

Beside, if the well-intentioned and emotional plan ends up crashing, the masculine men will clean everything up later. That is what men do.

Because women and children are meant by God and Nature to be protected and ruled by men, they have the liberty to ignore practical effects and concentrate on intentions. Women concentrate on what is actually the bigger picture.

Likewise, men ignore intentions, and develop bad character, and the womenfolk civilize him.

A male world with no female spirit: think of Nazi Germany, a police state with no humanity, only rules. Jihadists, Spartans, and all totalitarian militarist systems bring out the masculine spirit to a dangerous level.

The female ruled entirely by good intentions with no pragmatic rule or order: think of Socialist Europe: a Nanny state with no rules, only arbitrary fiat, and no backbone. The problem is that Nanny treats terrorists like naughty children, and does not allow little Nell to carry a sidearm and defend herself, since she might put someone’s eye out. And the polite old Victorian crones running Europe will not let Nell complain about the gang rapes in her village. Tut-tut my ducklings, musn’t let bad talk make like Mohammet feel bad about his self image, mustn’t we?

In Christendom, more than any other culture in history, the male and female genius, the strictness of monarchy and the nurturing nature of the universal Church, struck a complementary balance. Individualism was balanced against the common good. The common law or folk law was balanced against legal principles from Rome, which looked at the bigger picture. The state was father and the Church was mother. They quarreled, but they stayed married.

That is the way it is supposed to work. The way the Devil works is by division.

The Devil gets two halves of a society, or two halves of a man, his heart and his brain, to fight each other. The devil tells workers and employers that they are enemies with each other, when, in real life, each needs the other. The devil tells women that men exploit and hate them, when, in real life, men love women. The devil tells white and black to hate each other, when, in real life, all men are made in the image and likeness of God.

You may be wonder, dear reader, why fake news is heard with such breathless gullibility, and why known crooks and liars keep winning elections. My theory is rather cynical: Resentment toward the normals, toward capitalists, toward the White Man, toward you is their main motive.

They hate you, and me, and all of us, but they hate Christ most of all.

Being able tell bald faced lies is a passive-aggressive method of tweaking the nose of who they hate. Being able to force us to tell and repeat those lies is a form rubbing our noses in our powerlessness.

Myself, I think the Leftwing voter knows damn well that the fake news and crooked politicians are erecting a fantasy world. Such voters are merely pretending to believe in it, as a matter of party loyalty, the way the mother or wife of a criminal continues to insist he is innocent every year he is in jail. To the heart of a loyal wife or mother, facts do not matter.

At the brink of despair, each reader, looking out at the antichristian wasteland that has replaced our once-great culture, seeing the wreckage of Christendom, must be wondering who can stop the vermin. Who can turn back the rats spreading the diseases, the termite gnawing away at the foundations?

You, dear reader.

You are the one. I am relying on you to do your part.

Not you alone, of course. Almighty God is on our side. That should be a comfort.

What can you do beyond raising my children well, and stockpiling weapons and food?


Also, please look at what the enemy did to get into the positions of power they now inhabit. This was not done overnight. Prying their claws off the levers of power will take at least as long.

There are four steps, and each will take a decade or more. First, the news must be revealed as fake news. Second, the school system must be privatized. Third, colleges and academies which have been corrupted by political correctness must be destroyed. Fourth, activist judges must be replaced upon retirement by originalist judges. This final step requires the GOP to be reformed and revitalized by a return to core principles.

I have it on good authority that things will get worse before they get better. All hell breaks loose just before the final triumph foretold by St. John.

Now, this has been a wondrous year of triumph after triumph for Trump supporters, and even conservatives in general have much to celebrate. The main enemy over the next four years will be Silicon Valley, since that is where the Shadow being driven out of the Fake News media has decided to make its new nest, and use their crooked power to deplatform and silence us.

It is a crusade the paynim cannot win, since these tech giants depend on us for their income. For our part, we must make sure that when they get woke, they go broke.