Happy, Now?

Someone asked me, point blank, if I were happier as an atheist or as a Christian.

As an atheist, I was but a rational animal with no immortal soul. I was destined to die and turn to dust, whereupon, a short while after, have all I knew and loved, as well as my name and fame and everything about me, also turn to dust and be forgotten. And even if I were remembered after death, what good would that do me then?

Then I became a Christian. I drank from the Holy Grail and became as immortal as a Highlander, but more invincible. A king even more noble than Caesar adopted me as His beloved son, and spoke to me in visions. I was granted the super power known as prayer, which can fend off demons, disease, and disaster. I was called to sainthood.

And, suddenly, the nine tenths of all the world around me, who had been madmen believing in Santa Claus and Flying Spaghetti Monsters, suddenly become sane, and saints in the making, anointed with grace and shining with light. Every southern baptist hellfire preacher became my friend. Every holiday became my holiday. The Calendar became a stained glass window repeating the story of the fall and salvation.

All men became my brothers.

The secret to happiness was shown to me. The secret is thanksgiving. Be grateful.

That is all. It is simple and it is hard.