Infanticide Bill

If any of my readers are Virginians, rush to your pens or your phones and write or call your state delegate or state senator.

The inhuman and inhumane law, just passed in New York State amid wild and demonic celebration, which would allow abortions on demand up until birth, and which, should the baby be accidentally be born alive, deny the child medical care so that he die of wounds or exposure, has been introduced into the Virginia House of Delegates.

This ghastly measure was introduced by a Delegate named Kathy Tran and bears the innocuous name of ‘the Repeal Act.’

If you do not know who your local representatives are, here is a handy website:

According to the bill’s summary, the proposed law:

  • Eliminates the requirement that an abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy and prior to the third trimester be performed in a hospital.
  • The bill eliminates all the procedures and processes, including the performance of an ultrasound, required to effect a woman’s informed written consent to the performance of an abortion; however, the bill does not change the requirement that a woman’s informed written consent be first obtained.
  • The bill eliminates the requirement that two other physicians certify that a third trimester abortion is necessary to prevent the woman’s death or impairment of her mental or physical health, as well as the need to find that any such impairment to the woman’s health would be substantial and irremediable.
  • The bill also removes language classifying facilities that perform five or more first-trimester abortions per month as hospitals for the purpose of complying with regulations establishing minimum standards for hospitals.

If you want to see the infanticide bill’s sponsor squirming and hesitating before answering simple questions about it, click here:

The mealy mouthed way, in this clip, she at first throws of a smokescreen of words to avoid answering is shameful.

It is almost as if she knows what she proposes is outrageous to her fellow human beings, so she fears to tell the truth about it. Or perhaps a guilty conscience gives her twinges of pain from time to time, and she fears a wrath from something higher, greater, purer, and vaster than anything merely human.

Delegate Tran has since deleted her Twitter account.

UPDATE: Hoo-ha! I just heard back from my delegate. He says the House Bill 2491 failed in committee earlier this week and will not be moving forward.