One Born Every Minute

Accusing Brett Kavanaugh of being a serial rapist was not enough. Now the NPCs are accusing a polite,decent, honest, and clean cut youth of every evil imaginable. Even after it was debunked, the Left keep lying and lying and lying.

You may have seen the MAGA hatted Catholic highschool sophomores being harassed by fake martyr, male Tawana Brawley, and lying agitator Nathan Phillips, and then mobbed by a fake twitter mobs, then doxxed by hate-filled Lefties, and then libeled by the fake news.

Their own school rushed to condemn the youths, as did Conservative commentators, and their own diocese.

But now the full footage has come out, and all the accusations are now revealed, to any who have eyes to see, to be not merely false, but the exact reverse of the truth. The racists and gay-bashers and avatars of hate who were yelling out slurs were the man beating the drum and those with him.

As of the time of this writing, all the news stories returned by a Google search of this story continue to report the now-exploded leftwing narrative.

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My comment consists of a single word, which I direct generally

  • to all gullible Leftists and self-lobotomized lunatics of political correctness,
  • to all twitchy-fingered twitter mobbers eager for a lynching;

and which I direct particularly

  • to my fellow Catholics, who have no excuse for a lack of charity,
  • to my fellow classmates from Saint John’s, who have no excuse for intellectual sloth,
  • and to my fellow Conservatives, who have no excuse for being such damned dupes;

and to all others of any ilk,  who so eagerly rushed to condemn the youths based solely on the word of Leftwing advocates: