An Antiboycott for BLOOD HEIR

Part of an ongoing story.

Amelie Wen Zhao is a Young Adult author whose debut fantasy novel, Blood Heir, was set for a June release from a major publisher, as part of a three-book deal. It received rave preliminary reviews, and was the culmination of a lifelong dream of the authoress, an immegrant from communist China.

The book tasks place in a fantasy world reminiscent of the ancient Far East, where (as in all nonchristian culture, ancient or modern) the institution of slavery is a daily reality.

It seems the profressionally and perpetually outraged NPCs targeted this young leftwing authoress for daring to portray a type of slavery that was not exclusively dark-skinned people enslaved by white-skinned people for work on tobacco plantations.

It was cultural appropriation, or racism, or something.

Terrified at being the subject of a Two Minute Hate, young Miss Zhou pulled the book, and surrendered her lifelong dream.

I had heard that the publisher reluctantly agreed with her decision.

Make no mistake: Zhou was an is a Leftist, who insults Trump apparently as automatically as a civilized person blessing someone who sneezes. Her own turned on her.

Nonetheless, It would be a significant guesture on the part of civilized people, and a humiliation to the barbarians, if we showed her, and the world, that Trump supporters, Christians, and civilized people also support fairplay over faceless hate-mobs, freedom over fear, truth over libel.

Here are the penguin email addresses if people want to contact the publisher and object to the decision to pull the book:

– Email: AND
– Email your countries specific Penguin Random House publishing sector (bottom of this website has country specific links):
– Submit via their customer service form here:
– Submit via their business service form here:
– Post on their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. about your disappointment @PenguinRandom

Myself, I know nothing about the book or the authoress aside from what I have recited here. But I am perfectly willing to buy all three in hardback, merely to tweak the noses of these vicious, inhuman, dream-destroying bullies.

Put your money where your mouth is, all ye men of good will. Let’s make this backfire.