Message from Larry Correia

I am trying to help spread the word:

This week is that the Book Bomb for Zach Hill’s Sakura will be launched Wednesday night and run on Thursday. Tell your friends, spread the word, because I want this to be the biggest Book Bomb we’ve ever done.

For those of you not following Larry Correia’s blog, here is the skinny on book bombing:

A Book Bomb is when we pick out a deserving author who could use a publicity boost, and get as many people as possible to buy their book in the same day on Amazon. The more people who buy, the higher it goes in the sales rankings. Once it gets on some bestseller lists, that gets it in front of even more new eyes. Success breeds success, the author gets new readers, and most importantly, the author GETS PAID.

And here is the sad backstory on Zach Hills’s book:

It was three years ago today that my good friend Zach Hill passed away. I wrote about him here:

Zach was one of the best men I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. He had a lot of friends and people who loved him. His twin brother and a couple of those friends decided that the last book Zach was working on, which he thought was the best thing he’d ever written, needed to be finished and published.

And they have.

I got to read it a couple weeks ago. It is awesome. It’s like everything Zach loved crammed into one book.

To give you an idea, this is the blurb from me they used:

“SAKURA is an epic story about a heavy-metal, super-ninja android during a cyberpunk apocalypse. 

I loved it.”

Seriously, it’s heavy metal saves the world. They asked me to write an intro and I was happy to do so.