Not Tired of Winning Yet LIV

It is the season of hoaxes.

Jussie Smollett has been arrested. He  has been charged with felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. The alleged attackers were actually friends of his from the set of the television show he is on that nobody has ever heard of.

Some folk were initially suspicious of the report that a pair of Nazi war-wheels from Marvel Comic’s BLACKHAWK cartoon, wearing MAGA hats, dressed in pro-Godking T-shirts, carrying Trump steaks, wearing orange wigs and wearing really smart jacket and skirt outfits from the Ivanka Trump clothing line, approached Smollett at two in the morning in downtown Chicago, during a lesser Ice Age that had buried the city under ninety feet of glacier, utter racial epithets and anti-sodomite slurs, beat him senseless, and then hanged Smollett by the neck from a burning cross in a Auschwitz gas chamber, and killed him again by drowning him in a boiling vat of laser-piranha infested bleach.

Then the War Wheels beat Smollett to death a second time with a border wall, which they had dragged behind them all the way up from El Paso.

Upon resurrecting himself with a miracle typical of martyrs, Mr. Smollett returned home, eating the Subway sandwich the Nazi War Wheels had been polite enough to return to him, after not robbing him of any property.

Smollett said in a nationwide interview and tongue bath with Robin Roberts of GOOD MORNING AMERICA, that he fought back because he was not weak, and delayed reporting the incident to the police because he was too proud.

Nonetheless, when the police arrived three days later, on the morning of Easter Sunday, the noose was still dangling from Smollett’s neck, as he had failed to remove it.

Initially, police reports showed odd inconsistencies with the story, such as whether Smollett had ordered a spicy Italian sub, or a chef’s salad with croutons.

The mainstream media, fresh from their very thorough and very objective coverage of the Bret Kavanaugh serial rape gang hearings, the story of the Covington boys massacring Indian squaws, papooses and ancient medicine men of the Dances with Wolves tribe at Wounded Knee, and the horribly false allegations that the governor of Virginia advocated infanticide on national radio, and heavily invested in desecrating the memory of John Wayne, treated the story with their well known even-handedness and objectivity: It was Trump’s fault.

In a related new story, the Washington Post is being sued for a quarter billion dollars by the selfsame Covington boys, after the newspaper’s owners spurned a chance offered them to retract their libels and apologize. It was Trump’s fault.

That same newspaper, by the way, reported a story that President Trump’s new diplomatic mission to pressure foreign countries to decriminalize sodomy. OUT Magazine has a column by Matthew Rodriguez denouncing  the attempt as racist and colonial. Human Rights Campaign put out a tweet storm also denouncing the Trump administration, and expressing misgivings and suspicions. It is Trump’s fault.

On the other hand, the mainstream television broadcast media, who gave over two thousand minutes of coverage to the Russia Collusion story, after three years of investigation, and countless documents and witnesses examined, gave exactly zero minutes of coverage to the findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Chairman Richard Burr said Thursday that his committee’s Russia investigation has found aught, a goose egg, nada, naught, nil, nix, null, zip, zilch, zippo, none, nothing, no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Kremlin.

This has been passed over without comment by CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN. It slipped their minds. They just decided not to run with the story.

Oh, and no mention is made of the fact that the whole fraud was concocted by Obama and Hillary to falsify oaths and evidence to a court of law in order to abuse the authority of the federal law enforcement and intelligence communities, to use their assets, that is, wiretaps, spies, and criminal investigations, against a political opponent.

Meanwhile passing acquaintances of Trump are visited at midnight by jackbooted SWAT stormtroopers in full riot gear, complete with armored cars and AT-ATs and TIE fighters flying cover, beaten, stripped, raped by sex robots, and their pets shot dead before their weeping eyes, and waterboarded at Gitmo for failing to cross a T and dot an I in some income tax return or something. Also, making a slip when the FBI entrap you into a conversation without your lawyer present is now an capital offense.

Meanwhile the Wicked Witch of the West can defy orders to turn over documents to the Congress, destroy evidence, beat cellphones with hammers, and use bit-bleach to scrum all records of her wrongdoing, and she is lauded and worshiped by the leash wearing idolaters of her pet press. The crooked FBI Director James Comey, taking upon himself the role of the Attorney General, decided to null-pros the case, after listing all the elements of the crimes Clinton had committed, but then, impossibly and illogically, saying there was no crime. She is still at large, and, as far as I know, there is no ongoing investigation into her crimes.

How this comes out to be Trumps fault, I do not know, but McCabe, the disgraced and fired FBI deep state punk, on national television said his insanely illegal decision to organize a silent coup against the properly elected President of the United States was caused by all the immense stress, confusion, and chaos, the election of Donald Trump had caused.

He failed to mention that this chaos and confusion and hence this stress existed only in his brain and not in reality. After all, the victims of Bush Derangement Syndrome, and Reagan Hatred Syndrome, had to find some new fetish over which to be obsessed.

Speaking for the Washington Post, and the various magazines and twitter users promoting all these false stories, the shade of Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels, risen from the flaming torments of hell for the occasion, said “It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.” Or perhaps that was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I have trouble telling the two apart.

Jussie Smollett later told police Jospeh Goebbels and Donald Trump were driving the Nazi War Wheels that flattened his house. Fortunately, the Haunted Tank came to the aid of the Blackhawks at the last minute, and drove the War Wheel back with great losses. The Haunted Tank is listed as a Hate Tank by the Southern Poverty Law Center, since it is a Light M3 Stuart Tank named after Confederate war hero J.E.B. Stuart, and was seen flying a Confederate flag.