Banned for Bad Language

Some readers do not seem willing to read and abide by my rules, which I am courteous enough to post on the first page of my blog here in the lefthand column.

I ban for foul language. Basically, if you cannot say it on the radio, you cannot type it here. This is not a locker room, and some children read this blog. My mother sees it.

Leave off your uncouth sewer mouth language, and I will let the comments stand. If you write me privately and convince me of your contrition, I will reinstate your privilege.

But I am not your mother and I am not the school marm. I do not have time to edit comments and remove obscene words one by one. Far easier merely to hit the delete key.

You are allowed to comment here at my sufferance, as my guest. I have rules that I apply without favoritism on friend and foe alike. If you break the rules, you are gone, whether I disagree with you or not. If you do not, you stay, whether I agree with you or not.

That is the way civilized men act. It is a sad commentary on the modern day that I need to explain this to anyone.

Civilized men are not governed by emotions. I do not ban people for offending me, or disagreeing with me, or exasperating me.

I ban them for breaking the rules, either my rules, which I here have posted, or the unwitten rules all civilized men abide by, and which it is your business to know, not my business to teach.

If you have broken a rule and have ALSO offended or exasperated me with your snotty bad manners, I look more dilligently at your text to see if you broke the rules, and, yes, I am more likely to act with greater alacrity and pleasure at the prospect of banning you: but I do not act against those who stay within the rules.

But even if my best friend broke my rules, he would be banned. The rules are here to make this a pleasant place for my readers, fans, and, yes, adversaries, to exchange comments and ideas, about science fiction, great books, deep ideas, the politics of the day, the mysteries of the faith, and to talk about cool things like superhero movies and anime and games.

Leftism the political viewpoint is welcome. Leftism the mental disease is not.

But I was an old man when everyone else my age was a teenager. I was born cynical, unemotional, curt, cold, polite, and grumpy. My first word was not “Mama” like most babies, it was “Ma’am”.

So mind your dang potty mouth, any of you young whippersnappers out there, or git off’n my lawn.