Not Tired of Winning Yet LXX

I might not be tired of winning, but I am getting tired of so much good news on the political front that my blog is overwhelmed.

I originally started this column in order to remind myself and any nevertrumpers motivated by an honest mistrust of the man what President Trump’s administration, and the jovial yet belligerent spirit of Trumpiness in general we call ‘covfefe’, has actually accomplished for this nation.

Do you remember Obama? Do you remember when we were an oil importer dependent on the good will of OPEC, our deadly enemies? Do you remember the race riots sparked, orchestrated, and whipped into frenzies by Obama and his masters in the mainstream media? It is to stir the memory of any reader too forgetful of the near past that this column series was started.

I admit I am getting tired of noting all this winning. Other great news showing that the tide has started to turn, and the first skirmishes of the first battle of the long war against the atheists, tyrants, perverts, fools, liars, con-men, ideologues of darkness and petty crooks running our world has begun.

Do not be deceived. The war is far from over. It has hardly begun. This is the second time in my lifetime that the Left has lost ground. (The first was the fall of the Berlin Wall.) This like a feast day in Lent, when the strictness is relaxed. Easter is still far away.

Do you like the feel of winning, my beloved fellow Americans? Here is what it feels like:

The Georgia House gave its final approval Friday to legislation that will ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The bill passed 92–78, with 91 needed for approval, and it now heads to Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, who said he will sign it into law.

I list this under Trump’s victories because, had Hillary been elected, or had Trump not kept his campaign promise of appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court, no such legislative efforts would be under weigh.

There are provisions to kill the child in the case of rape, provided the woman filed a police report to that effect before any heartbeat is detected, which can happen as early as six weeks.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia has already announced it will bring a lawsuit to challenge the legislation.

“If Governor Kemp signs this abortion ban bill into law, the ACLU has one message: We will see you in court,” said Andrea Young, executive director.

Planned Parenthood also condemned the legislation, tweeting, “To the politicians in Georgia and everywhere who are after our rights, we see through your lies.”

Let them be called Planned Infanticide-hood, since killing your child makes you an infanticide, not a parent.

These killers, who have murdered more human beings than the Third Reich, went on to say “Our right to abortion care is not debatable. No bans. Not now, not ever.”

So, no more debate. I am fine with that.

Summary execution by snipping the spine, followed by skull punctures and siphoning out your brains is one of your methods of killing your victims. A certain grisly poetic justice would be served. And no body will be turned over to your grieving relatives for a Christian burial, since harvesting and selling organs and tissues will help defray the cost of the executions.

I suppose I could easily be talked out of advocating so draconian a measure, but, on he other hand, if there is no debate, then nothing need be debated.