Not Tired of Winning Yet LVII

President Donald Trump signed an executive order promoting free speech on university campuses on Wednesday at the White House.

“Today, we are delivering a clear message to the professors and power structures trying to suppress, to keep young Americans and all Americans from challenging ridged far left ideology,” Trump said. “People who are confident in their beliefs cannot censor others.”

The executive order signed by the president requires universities to certify that they support free speech on campus in order to receive federal research grants.

I would have voted for Trump just for this, no matter how unpresidential or undignified he seems, or what sort of playboy lifestyle he has led. This is a wonder and a strong blow against the forces of darkness.

He has also begun steps to tie future taxpayer funding to colleges and universities to the ability of their students to repay their loans. In other words, any school that accepts students unable to repay will suffer fiscal loss: this acts as an incentive to accept only students on merit, and to reach courses likely to have some real world application.

Oh, and after two years and forty zillion dollars of taxpayer’s money, the phony investigation into Trump-Russia conspiracies has ended, as we all knew, with nothing to show for it.

It was a harassment campaign from the first, and everyone involved knew it. Only the simpletons and willfully gullible loyalist Dem eloi, their helpless victims, ever thought otherwise.

The architects of this, particularly Hillary Clinton, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for arranging this attempt at a coup, not to mention the abuse of legal process, perjury, swearing out false affidavits, lying to congress, and violations of the espionage acts.