Why So Much Winning?

What is it about today which renders it so blessed? Why so much winning? Why so much covfefe?

Consider the past few hours. It is like a paradise of conservative political news. I have never seen so much in one day.

  • The Mueller report exonerates Trump. No collusion, no obstruction. Two years of mainstream news deceptions, libels, dissemblances and lies are exposed for all to see. The utterly corrupt, utterly partisan, utter bigotry is exposed.
  • Colleges and Universities censoring conservatives with bogus speech codes are going to have their free meals at the taxpayer troughs cut off. No more unfreedom of speech.
  • Creepy porn lawyer Avenatti indicted. Enjoy jail.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center, our modern Pergamon, where Satan’s smoldering throne surely sits, is shaken like a dice cup by scandals of their own making: racism, discrimination, sexual assault, the whole Leftwing litany.
  • A blow against Obamacare.  Back into the abyss from which you sprang, socialist abomination!
  • Golan Heights recognized as Israeli. To Jahannam with your bogus claims, paynims!
  • Despite the best efforts of the antichrist socialist brain parasites who regard themselves as the elite of the nation to throw open our southern border to countless hordes of illegal aliens and an uncounted number of unvetted drugrunners, plaguebearers, slavers, rapists, terrorists, and future democrat voters, the funds are found to start building that big beautiful wall we were promised.

Why today? Could it be a particular benevolent conjunction of stars? No, for astrology is bunk. What then?

There is a heaven higher than what stargazers see, one that delights in feasts days and fast days.

Look at the calendar. It is the Feast of the Annunciation. March 25.

Lady’s Day.

You may, if you wish, explain the glad coincidence of so much winning news on one day with other explanations. I know which one suits me.