Gene Wolfe, Requiescat In Pace

Gene Wolfe passed at his Peoria home from cardiovascular disease on April 14, 2019 at the age of 87.

This man is one of two authors who I was able to read with undiminished pleasure as a child, youth, man and master.

I met him only briefly at science fiction conventions, and was truly impressed by his courtesy and kindness. We shared a love of GK Chesterton. I never told him how I cherished his work, and how important his writings were to me.

One of the best bits of writing advice I know comes from the quill of Horn of Lizard Island of a whorl called Blue beneath a strange, short sun shaped like a bright ball. He is one of Gene Wolfe’s creations, unless, of course, he was someone else entirely:

“The chief thing is to begin, after all—after which the chief thing is to finish …. It is all in the pen case. You have to take out the ink and string it together into the right shapes. That is all.”
The pen of Gene Wolfe is now at rest. No more words on Earth will be strung together by him into shapes of breathtaking rightness, droll humor, deep wisdom. Only in the next life will we discover what other wonders such a towering imagination holds.