Map of Pangaea

Map of Pangaea Ultima

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Joyful Announcement: 

As of now, all future episodes of our weekly serial adventure Lost on the Last Continent are written and ready, including the epilogue and the appendix.

This week’s episode was 81, the final will be 105, which, God willing, and if all goes as planned, will be posted on October 9th of this year.

In meanwhile, the map has been once again updated (see above) and a timeline has bee added to the appendix (see below), for the convenience of any readers confused by the baffling immensities of periods, epochs, and ages involved.

Ever since the first fantasy novel it was my great good fortune to read the day I left the children’s section of the library and ventured into the grown up books,  I was fascinated by the maps, timelines, genealogies and suchlike that authors lavished on the rear pages or endpapers of their work.

And since I have a weakness for elaborate backgrounds, and have quires of notes already penned, it is simple enough to prepare my notes for inspection, in case any readers share my delight in such ornamentation.

I am particularly pleased with this map, which shows the modern continents as they would be by the time of my tale.

Timeline of Futurity



First EraFIRST MEN300,000 BCSubject to disease, insanity. Undesigned.
Neolithic5th Millennium BC Quaternary Ice Age
57th c BCGnophkeh of CatalhoyukCannibals with bone weapons
55th c BCNaacal of MuAndrogynous Shield Maidens
50th c BCKumari of LemuriaPygmies with bull-roarers
Purebreds4th Millennium BC to 1st Millennium AD 
40th c BCAzaës son of Atlas of AtlantisGreek hoplite panoply
30th c BCCynisca daughter of Cyrene of AtlantisSeeress. Manifests astral eidolon.
30th c BCLemuriansAstra Weapons
25th c BCKshatriyaAn ancient city of Dvarala submerged in the sea
20th c BCGilbert Islander WarriorsShark-skin armor
6th c ADDahut of YsBerserkers
8th c ADIrem of the PillarsIron Chariots
9th c ADVinetalingsVineta beneath the Baltic
2nd Millennium AD
13th c ADFyodor PoyarokKitezh on lake Svetloyar
14th c ADBeast-lords of ElelinEl Dorado
15th c ADAztecs of AztlanJaguar-Knights
17th c ADMeido Michi-no-O of TogenkyoSamurai
18th c ADSing-Shi, the Vengeful Widowwife of Sing-Ye
HybridsHuman breeds intermingled
3rd Millennium AD
21st c ADCol. Preston LostVeteran of the China War
26th c ADNevil Kingston-BrownAustralian physicist
6th Millennium AD
AD 5000Savant-Captain Tsan of World Empire of Tsan-ChanFire weapons
15th Millennium – 21st Millennium AD
AD 14,000 to AD 20,000Dark ConquerorsEnergy weapons
AD 16000Nug-Ma’atUr-stones
AD 20,000Last of the Dark ConquersDiabolism. Living weapons
21st Millennium — 99th Millennium AD
 End of the First Myriad
The Collapse:
Civilization in eclipse.
2nd Myriad —5th Myriad ADQuinary Ice Age
AD 100,000 to 400,000The PantarchyLunar military bases established.
Circa 200,000Seven Score of Aleph LineLunarian
AD 500, 000The Apocalypse of DarknessFirst Near-Extinction of Man
7th Myriad AD
AD 600, 000ProgeriansGrown by 7; Wed by 14Gray by 21
AD 610,000 to 650,000Methuseleans:

All-Stone, Raad

Five to twenty times normal human lifespan
8th Myriad AD
AD 700, 000Patagonians


Reconstitution of Man
Normal lifespan restored
Circa 750, 000An unnamed soldierShield-gun matter-exploder weapon dates from this period
AD 800, 000Apocalypse of FireSecond Near-Extinction of Man
9th to 11th Myriad AD
AD 800,000 to 1,000,000division into Feugians and SiberiansReemergence of Man. Equatorial regions uninhabited
AD 802701MorlocksNocturnal, subterranean variant of Feugian
Second AgeSECOND MENAD 1 Million to 2 MillionAnakim or Ipotane: Ushahin, VanantDesigned for justice. Spline gun.
Third AgeTHIRD MENAD 2 million to 4 millionEmim, or Terrors:
Ahara, Vkra, Sinhika, Son of the Wind
Designed for compassion, affinity with nature. Extra acute senses. Wasp-throwers.
Fourth AgeFOURTH MENAD 4 million to 7 millionRephaim, Green Men or Phantoms:


Designed for prudence. Immortal. Built Final Unit, other self-aware machines. Time travel. Microscopic energy weapons.
Fifth AgeFIFTH MENAD 7 million to 15 millionGibborim, Gargantuans, or Mighty Ones:

Tlatoc, Zipacna, Grind

Designed for fortitude, affinity with the supernatural. Altered their children to erase instinctive fear of death. Armed with electric wands.
Pelagic EpochSIXTH MENAD 15 million to 30 millionNephidim, Descenders or Amphibian Men:
Sobek/ Emogoalekc
Designed for moderation. Sophisticated miniaturized vitalistic technology. Armed with infrasonics.
Boreal EpochSEVENTH MENAD 30 million to 60 millionZamzummim, Ascenders or Winged Men: Cucuio, Ercinee, BasanDesigned for hope. Antigravity technology, wind control. Armed with wind-lances.
Egregorine PeriodEIGHTH MENAD 60 million to 125 millionEljo, Grigorim, or Watchers:

Samyaza, Gadreel

Designed for peace and unity. Asexual. Armed with force auras
Laurasian PeriodFINAL MENAD 125 million to 150 millionAvim, Devastators, Final Man.Designed for liberty. Anarchic subterranean hermaphrodite cyborgs
Pangaean PeriodAD 150 million to 250 millionSurface rendered uninhabitable by the Devastators.


Notable events in the Pangaean Period:

  • Time Tesseract discovered by the Final Men.
  • Greater Resurrection.
  • Pangaea repopulated with creatures from prior geologic ages, including man
  • Second Time Paradox disaster. Final Men in eclipse.
  • Watcher-Phantom War. Watchers driven into Alaska by the Phantoms.
  • Eighth Men ally with the Fifth Men. Progress Advocacy formed.
  • Time directional integration engine falls into Watcher control. Time Tesseract hides itself. However, Gate of Eternity remains in Watcher control.
  • Watcher time raids. Abductions limited to disaster sites as Atlantis, Lemuria, &c.
  • Investigations into afterlife open an alliance between Watchers and Macrobes.
  • Suicide of the Fourth Men. Towers of Immortality toppled.
  • Triumph of the Advocacy.
  • Empire expands. First Men reduced to degrading servitude.
  • Advent of Colonel Preston Lost, big game hunter.