Quote of the Day

The Quote of the Day for today, Good Friday 2019, come from our own Great One, known as Zaklog the Great, and our own Good Wizard, known as RJ Wizard. From a conversation in the Comments Box. Together, they are like the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, but with less humbug.

First, from Zaklog the Great:

Let’s look at recent news: what is one thing that atheists have created that is one tenth as beautiful and enduring as the Norte Dame Cathedral?

Next, from RJ Wizard:

And… crickets…
The only lasting monuments of atheism are the gulags, Stalin’s execution lists, China’s Movement, the guillotine and French river of blood, the attempted Mexican extermination of Catholicism and other such monuments.

This is what groups that are explicitly atheist have done – these are their monuments. It is a fact so obvious that I knew it as such even when I was an atheist.