Moloch and Ashteroth

Today’s must-read column comes from D.J. Schreffler:

Sleepers Awake!

Here is the money quote:

My wife and I were talking last night about the leftist females going on a sex strike to protest the anti-abortion laws (Yes! Practice abstinence outside of marriage!) and other silly so-called protests (My wife said, “The best analogy I can think of is that she’s breaking her arm to protest against the boy who eats gross things in the school cafeteria–it hurts her, and doesn’t impact him at all.”) when I said that the Left treats abortion as a sacrament.

This made her pause, not really convinced. “I’ve heard people link it to Moloch worship, but I don’t think they’re worshiping him.”

“Just because they aren’t deliberately, knowingly, worshiping Moloch doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not receiving worship.”

“But he’s not real! One of the false gods!”

“False god, yes. So a demon.”

She ended up flabbergasted, but unwilling to discard my statement because, first, I’m her husband and she honors me, second, she found it horrifically plausible once she thought it through. She ended up doing some research, and then this morning, told me the obvious (which I had known, but had never put together): Moloch’s consort is Ashtoreth, who is as intimately associated with extreme sexual immorality as Moloch is with child sacrifice.

Pray for those of the faith that are asleep that they, we, may be truly aware of the full scope of the spiritual warfare that rages about us. Once we are awake to the clamor of battle, we can become armed and armored, and wade into the fray. For though we may lose battles here on earth, we have solid assurance that the war is already ultimately won.

My comment:

The cruelty with which Joshua conquered the Holy Land from the Baal-worshipping Phoenicians who occupied it before them is a frequent talking point emphasized by atheists to show the alleged inhumanity of religion.

Allow me to quote at length something about the religion of Baal. This is from the pen of Sister Anne of Yahweh, OCD.

The myth of the death and resurrection of Baal represented the annual cycle with its death of vegetation and the return of the seasons of fertility, and this was acted out with the ritual sex ceremonies in the high places with lots of trees, “sacred groves.” These orgies purported to integrate the worshipers with the cycle and draw them into a deep participation of divine forces that maintain life.

Because everything was a cycle, life itself tended to be cyclic too, and not too important. All these sacred ceremonies in the trees with probably a variety of partners led to the conception of unwanted and inconvenient children. No problem, just offer them back to the gods as a burnt offering, hence the cruel ritual of burning infants alive.

Other religions sometimes engaged in human sacrifice but the slain were usually war captives. The religion of Jezebel is such a horrible distortion of nature that the Canaanites have no qualm about killing their own children. And although moral standards in other religions weren’t always very high, no religion sank so low in sexual license as did Baal worship which made it the central rite.

Some people have the idea that the Israelites were barbaric, and had no qualms about killing other people as they entered occupied territory to claim it as their Promised Land. That’s a serious misconception. God had doomed the Canaanites because they were sinning against nature…

Leviticus 18:20–24 lists four main sins of those who practice Baalism:

  • vs 20: adultery
  • vs 21: the killing of children
  • vs 22: homosexuality
  • vs 23: bestiality

These groups were under the ban (literally anathema). The Israelites couldn’t even keep the booty. Everything these people had touched was loathsome to God.

But the Israelites had to treat other nations and their religions with respect. They were not allowed to attack them unless they were attacked. The Assyrians were cruel murderers and plunderers but Yahweh finds this nothing compared to these four sins …

My comment: We have here four abominations so hateful to the Lord that those who practice it cannot even be looted. Please note that three of the four of them are considered protected constitutional rights in America.

The fourth one, bestiality, the Left will soon attempt to normalize, after they are done normalizing pedophilia.

Non-Catholic often wonder why we forbid the use of contraception. Here is your answer: without a culture where contraception is normal, fornication is too risky to become a mainstream, widespread practice; any, by the same token, without a culture where fornication is a mainstream, widespread practice, there is so little call for abortion, that no ideologue would dream of disguising its horrors under the rubric of female liberation.

I say ideologue because ideology acts as a replacement religion where various wicked abominations and inhuman practices that men have always done in small amounts or with much shame, in the modern age, are justified and excused by ideologies, and given a false patina of moral virtue, so that multitudes can all indulge in enormity or abomination together, while trumpeting their virtue and pretending to be shameless — and, at time, with such success that they indeed lose the capacity for shame, and all human feeling.

Shamelessness begins in sin. Without the goddess of whores, there is no need for the god of child murder.

Look at the high places of ancient Israel. Contemplate what was done there: imagine the sounds of children screaming as they are roasted alive inside a hollow idol of brass, so their dying sounds issue from the idol’s brass mouth. The parents were required to stand by, and to show no sign of grief or regret as the tambourines and trumpets clashed and brayed in celebration, and the smell of cooked meat of her child rose into the mother’s nostrils.

That is the face of the culture of death.

Nowadays, being a commercial peoples,  we Americans harvest the organs and tissue and suchlike from the dead babies for profit.

Sister Anne remarks:

Besides using body parts of aborted babies for medical research and cosmetics, we are eating the babies in the form of flavor additives. Kraft, Pepsi and Nestle and Cadbury candies introduced a new wave of products using aborted baby body parts

That is the face of the culture of death.