Pride Month

I see from the news that this month is Pride Month. The joke going around is that Pride is the Queen of Vices; and apparently Vice is the Pride of Queens.

It is a clever marketing ploy by Uncle Screwtape to tell gullible people to be proud rather than ashamed of their various and sundry sexual malfunctions, mental disorders, perversions, and abominations; and presumably one is to be ashamed only of decency,  modesty, chastity, temperance and moderation. The cleverness consists not merely in gulling the victim into rejecting any criticism of his objectively disordered sexual appetitutes as hate-speech born of bigotry and ignorance, but also in robbing the victim of any motive to resist his own degradation.

What of the other deadly sins? Why have they no month?

Let me suggest: February for Lust, as this is when St Valentine’s Day falls. November is the month for Gluttony, encouraged by Thanksgiving Day feasts. December is Greed, as seen in the commerce of gift-giving and the avarice of children at Yuletide. August is Sloth, as the dog days of late summer are lazy days. September is when Labor Day falls, and this is a holidy to celebrate all things Socialist, and Social is merely weaponized envy. For Wrath, we need a properly warlike holiday, so I suggest Independence Day, which calls in July.

And June is Pride Month, of course.

For England, November is for wrath, which is when Guy Fawkes Day falls, and Gluttony can be moved to April, which is where the Feast of Saint George is found.

And now a word from Super Happy Fun America:


July is Wrath month. (You can see the explosions of anger in the sky on the 4th). November is Gluttony. December is Greed. February is Lust. August is Sloth.

April (taxes) for  Envy.