America vs Oceania

I am weary, and, indeed, offended, by the nation in which I currently live. I would like to live instead in the United States of America, as represented by our flag, honors by our public monuments, and described in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and in the various and sundry patriotic stories and songs which, in my youth, all civic minded citizens knew and loved.

I would like to live under the US Consitution, the real one as written and interpreted by honest jurisprudence, and not the one invented out of eminations of penumbras from fictional rights invented by lawless scofflaws dressed in the black robes of Supreme Court Justices.

Why, instead, do we find myself living in an Orwellian dystopia?

Let us look and see what the enemy did to take it away from us, and undo and redo what they did, rebuild what they tore down, and tear down what they built up.

To prevail, we must be as devoted to Christ as they are to Satan, as patriotic to the ideals of limited government as they are to the totalitarian world-state, and as patient and longsuffering. Consider how each and every one of their fond and ficticious daydreams has failed miserably, leaving behind only a long trail of lies, wrecked lives, oceans of blood and mountains of skulls: and yet they are never deterred.

The Berlin Wall can fall, or China invade Tibet, or National Socialists in Germany gas Jews and Gypsies in numbers untold, to Jihadists honor-kill women and throw homosexuals from rooftops, but the glories of socialism, the wonder of multiculturalism, never suffers the smalles decrease in praise. They never hesitate nor doubt the rightness of the various and sundry tyrants, perverts, and criminals who form their pantheon.

Can the children of light not equal the children of darkness?

What they did was difficult, but they have persevered with unwavering fervor at their task for decade, generations, and centuries. Their tatics were subtle and clever.

1. They appealed to the laziness and sloth in the name of charity by telling all women that the state would school their children and mind them during daylight hours. We call this public schooling.

2. They slowly infested the law schools and spread their anti-Republican dogmas and doctrines, by making tyranny sound fashionable and up to date, and republicanism sound cruel and backward. This is an appeal to vanity.

3. They broke up the family and denigrated the position of fathers and fatherhood: this makes men weak and un-self-reliant, dishonorable and bastards.

4. In the name of equality, they relentlessly propagandize women to hate womanhood, hate virginity, hate motherhood.

5. In the name of the Constitution, which expressly forbids the establishment of religion, they have established secular atheism as a the state-run state-sponsored taxpayer-funded established religion. Merely by calling it a needed side effect of freedom of religion, they have abolished and humiliated religion.

6. In the name of modern thinking, they have abolished scientific objectivity, beauty in art, logic in discourse, pride in accomplishment, patriotism in the citizens, kindness, courtesy, modesty and fellow feeling. All these things are replaced with a selfish and hypersensitive pride of place, identity politics, and hierarchy of victimhood, and the feast of the vampires. Read Ayn Rand for details.

7. In the name of fairness, they have introduced the welfare state, the fair deal, the new deal, and the great society. This creates a permanent low-income class of proletarians guaranteed to vote for them.

8. They have corrupted the news

9. They have corrupted the entertainment media

10. They have corrupted the publishing industry, the comic book industry, and all other forms of popular entertainment

11. They have seized the high ground of all major internet platforms, and are in the act of turning them into Orwellian propaganda organs even as we dither and mewl about how private enterprise is sacrosanct. Fraud is still against the law, and even the most ardent libertarian should agree that monopolies created by special government privileges are subject to break up, or at least a repeal of said privileges. At the moment, these tech monopolies enjoy both the immunity from lawsuit as a public utility like the phone company, but also unlimited powers of censorship over content like a private publishing firm.

12. They have corrupted the Democrat Party and were successfully in the very act of ensuring the GOP would be compromise candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain forever, collaborators like the Washington Generals playing basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters — forever — when God Almighty granted us the current but probably temporary reprieve.

13. With the corrupt press covering for them, and the corrupt donor class of internationalist plutocrats funding them, through Obama and the Clinton Machine, they corrupted the DoJ, the FBI, the CIA, and created the so-called Deep State.

Through all these steps, the one constant is that they always act in the name of the mere opposite of whatever they are doing. Simple honesty, calling things by their right names, rather than using politically correct newspeak, is the first bulwark against them. Sweet reason, seeing the logical consequences of ideas in action, rather than surrendering thought and logic to the swampy maze and mire of politically correct doublethink, is the rampart and wall to this bulwark.

A renewal of the crusading spirit of Christians is the needed first step, followed by in Inquisition of the Church, a cleansing of the perverts and pederasts and antichristians hidden among honest priests and pastors, followed by , in the legal profession, a remorseless impeachment of all activist judges. Abolition of public schooling is a must: history proves the state cannot be trusted with the power to mold the minds of children. Boycottes and lawsuits against the mass media is a must, including a repeal of the immunity to libel laws the rest of the community in a democracy is required by law to obey. Why is one profression simply immune from a legal obligation not to destroy men’s livlihoods by gossip and lies? Enacting new amendments to the Constitution, including a legal method for overruling Supreme Court overreach, would be wise follow-ups.

They took years and generations to work their evils; our task of clean up and restoration will be at least as long. As the children of Abraham of old we would be wise to learn to build a wall with a sword in one hand.