A Comment Worth Repeating

I found this gem in my comments box, and thought it merited emphasis.

A reader with the onomatopoetic name of ThPlonk remarks:

A post or two ago someone raised the issue of whether we should do anything to stop the atheistic progressives from pursuing self-destructive policies – after all if our enemies destroy themselves our work is done isn’t it?

Reading this post, I realized something: Satan knows he is beaten. He isn’t trying to win – he’s trying to maximize harm. He therefore commands his troops in a way that will destroy as many of his own people as possible. The Radical Left’s marching orders become chillingly clear:

Babies are to be killed, preferably before they can cry for help. If they survive, they should have their sexuality mutilated both chemically and surgically as young as possible. Men are to be emasculated, silenced, and shamed. The women should be sent out to fight instead, preferably alone because this makes them stronger. Their fight should take the shape of mob lynchings and kangaroo courts – if we cannot find any elderly bakers or 15-year-old schoolchildren to prosecute they should turn on themselves and purge their own ranks.

Meanwhile their surviving children will be in the tender care of the state creche because that will allow a curriculum promoting those sexualities which can not result in procreation…. and so forth. What nation could survive this regimen?

This is not happening to my enemies. They are not my enemies. They are my countrymen, my co-workers, my friends, my kin. It’s like looking up from your morning coffee to see your next-door neighbor open a vein on his front lawn. It’s knowing that he will fight you vehemently for his right to do so because he was told anything else will destroy his freedom and happiness.

And then I had another thought: It is easy to see Satan’s lies in someone else’s politics, hard to see them in our own. We should have a care to check our own marching orders.