The Battleplan

Someone asked me what Christians and conservatives could do to fight the rising tide of darkness which never ceases to attempt to make free speech into hate speech, honesty into bigotry, decency into homophobia, biology into nonbinary-sexophobia, perversion into sexual liberation, faith into Islamophobia into racism, Patriotism into White Nationalism into racism, fathers and husbands and heroes into toxic masculines, and lesbian witch baby killers into suffragettes, and all good into all evil.

My answer that we must do as we have always done.

We overcame the Roman Empire, fended off the Viking and the Paynim, spread missionaries to China and the New World, conquered, colonized and civilized all the backward tribes and pagan barbarians, uplifted the poor from poverty, discovered the secrets of nature, flew to the moon, and trampled and besieged tyrants and totalitarians from Napoleon to Hitler to Stalin, and humiliated the racist Democrat Party from the Civil War through the Jim Crow era up to the present day.

I laugh whenever I hear some scoffer utter the canard that ‘conservatives’ have never conserved anything. The USA is still here and the USSR is gone. The Thousand Year Reich is still shy some nine hundred ninety five years or so. The proud Caliphs and Sultans, who hatched ten centuries of terror against Christendom, where are they? Reduced to tying suicide vests onto girls and retards. The Church still grows, and she is older than the language in which I address you now.

The Democrat creature, the Press, an engine meant only to deceive the people, for the first time receives daily, vehement, and widespread scorn for its lies.

The Fake News will tumble, and take the Deep State with it. Aborticide will be criminalized in all 50 states in your lifetime.  The Fake Schools should be next, the Fake Entertainment, Fake Judges.

Then we can start on the real work: Fake Values. We will have to dismantle and deconstruct Secularism one link of the chain at a time, to undo the soporific spell-work of centuries.

Why such long faces? We have won every single damned fight we have fought. To win this one, all we need to is pray, and then fight.

Fight first with words, then with deeds.

But first pray.

Saint Michael Prayer Chaplet

Saint Michael the Archangel – Act of Consecration
Saint Michael the Archangel, invincible prince of the angelic hosts and glorious protector of the universal Church, I greet you and praise you for that splendor with which God has adorned you so richly. I thank God for the great graces he has bestowed upon you, especially to remain faithful when Lucifer and his followers rebelled, and to battle victoriously for the honor of God and the divinity of the Son of Man.
Saint Michael, I consecrate to you my soul and body. I choose you as my patron and protector and entrust the salvation of my soul to your care. Be the guardian of my obligation as a child of God and of the Catholic Church as again I renounce Satan, his works and pomps. Assist me by your powerful intercession in the fulfillment of these sacred promises, so that imitating your courage and loyalty to God, and trusting in your kind help and protection, I may be victorious over the enemies of my soul and be united with God in heaven forever. Amen.