The Country is Not Divided. It is Decapitated.

People like to talk about how divided our country is today. I beg to differ. I am not old enough to remember the Civil War, but I remember what the Cold War did to the United States, when soviet spies infected the State Department, infiltrated Hollywood, encouraged the Youth Movement, and triggered race riots, the Weathermen, bombings, and put the national guard on college campuses, at times with tragic results.

And yet we are more divided now. Why?

Compare the times. When JFK (a Dem) announced America would put a man on the moon, and Nixon (GOP) did it, the Press did not spend three years spreading the fake news without a shred of evidence saying that the moonshot never happened, nor accuse all those who think otherwise of being deplorable and irredeemable racist bigots and Nazis. This is precisely what they would do today.

Back then, the press, left and right, celebrated America winning the space race. The political parties sought common ground, and politics ended at the shore.

The Left were revolting liars then, as they always were and are, for their philosophy is and always has been based on falsehood.

But they saluted the flag. They were on the side of the common man. They were not the enemy of factory workers, coal miners, steel workers, and farmhands. Now they are. They did not, in times past, trample the crusifix and kiss the Koran, or defend grotesque cultic practices of female genital mutilation, or sexual perverts who castrate themselves. Now they do.

We are more devided today because the elites in the media, in politics, in entertainment, in academia, have decided that America is racist, the God is dead, and that socialism is Utopia.

We are more devided today beause Leftist in times gone by were liberals. They favored the First Amendment. They were pro-Israel. They were Christians. They wanted to the be the voice of reason, of science, of progress, of welcoming the stranger and uplifting the downtrodden.

Many things have changed since those days. The greatest change was the usurpation of legislative power by the Supreme Court to install the pro-abortion regime on the nation. In the same way slavery not only degrades the enslaved but also the enslaver, abortion not only kills the child physically, but kill the mother spiritually, and poisons the soul of a nation.

Note the effect abortion has on the intellect. In order to justify child murder, tolerance even of the most horrid moral enormities has to be upheld as the sole and ruling value.

Since objective reasoning will not allow this apotheosis of tolerating murder, objectivity is no longer fashionable. Objective thinking can no longer be tolerated by the tolerant. Relativity takes its place.

Thinking itself cannot be tolerated. Reasoning is no longer fashionable. Hysteria takes its place.

Justice cannot be tolerated by the tolerant, since it would abolish the practice of killing the innocent, so it must be replaced with Social Justice.

Social Justice is the theory that all groups of mutually cooperating inividuals in society are, in reality, once you smoke opium and enter the dream worlds of inner enlightment, merely members of homogenous and mutually hostile species locked in a Darwinian and Hobbesian war of all against all.  Workers hate employers, children hate parents, and woman hate men, and each is forever devoted to the oppression, exploitation, and destruction of the other. Social Justice consists of find which victim is the most pathetic, and upholding the claims of their collective group against the collective group allegedly victimizing them.

By this elliptical logic, Social Justice can claim that any father wanting to carry out his duty to protect his children from death at the hands of a murdrous mother is merely one unit of the Paternal Collective engaged in the Darwinian war against the Maternal Collective, and hence an enemy of women, of women’s health, women’s liberty and women’s rights to self expression.

This collective is, of course, entirely imaginary. A Nazi woman and a Jewess had no natural unity of self interest during World War Two, nor did a Japanese empress and a New York shopgirl.  But as the enemy of an imaginary female caste or species, the father who wishes to protect his unborn child is an enemy of Social Justice, and hence must be dismissed, silenced, or destroyed.

With Justice replaced by Social Justice, the peacetime norms are abrogated. The tolerant need not confine themselves to truth and fairplay in their fight. In war, all war crimes are allowed: so slander and libel become the order of the day. Hence the shinanigans surrounding the whole Roe v Wade case. It was not  a coincidence that the whole thing was fake from start to finish. The plaintiff has since come forward publicly and said so.

Since Western Civilization cannot coexist with the brutality of maternal infanticide, civilization is no longer fashionable. Civilized behavior cannot be tolerated by the tolerant. Multiculturalism takes its place.

If barbarism and civilization are now merely a difference of taste, with one not better than the other, barbaric behavior is not only allowed, but called practical and authentic, and encouraged.

A dignified and compassionate people would never allow abortion in their midst. So dignity must be abolished. Relaxed standards of civility, of dress, of modesty, of courtesy are encouraged. Gross language, and vulgarity are applauded. Heroism is degraded. Beauty in women is castigated as attracting the male gaze. Masculinity itself is dismissed as toxic. Two sexes are replaced with scores of genders, more than an ice cream shop has flavors.

Science cannot be left free to state the obvious in a world of forty seven genders where sex is a social construct and boys have wombs. Government money, social pressure, and an widespread corruption of the peer review system allows not only for global warming and such like hoaxes to be cloaked in the prestige of science, but for joke acedemic papers generated by random word algorthisms to be published unnoticed in prestigeous scientific journals.

Beauty cannot flourish in the arts in a generation where deep moral ugliness is the norm: true art must be banished, replaced with political correctness, or mere aberrant ghastliness, blasphemies against muse and Madonna. The tolerant cannot tolerate art that reflects the beautiful, lest men be awakened to the true and the good. Subjectivism comes into fashion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Since a free peoples cannot tolerate to have child-eating witches live among them, freedom is no longer fashionable. Totalitarianism takes its place. Every last word and thought must be scrutinized by self-appointed Thought Police.

During a witch hunt, any accusation is sufficien to prove infinite guilt. No accusations can be criticized for their absurdity, and no defense heard. Any apology is taken to be definitive proof of guilt.

Since God forbids the desceration of the image of God in Man, God can no longer be tolerated by the tolerant.

And, in the end, nothing can be tolerated by the tolerant.

The loss of reason frees the Left to replace all logic with accusations. If a sane critic asks a leftist to explain how a homosexual is born with his sexual orientation unchangable, but a transvestite can choose his sex; or if asked explain why, if the current President is literally Hitler, we should surrender our guns and all Second Amendment rights to him, the sole answer is to accuse the critic, never to answer the criticism.

No matter how nonsensical the accusation is (Black conservatives are routinely called White Supremacists, and homosexual Catholics called homophobes) it is repeated at ever louder volume, until the Leftist manages to drown out the internal whisper of his own conscience.

Truth, reason, justice, civility, dignity, compassion, beauty, liberty, and divinity are no longer to be tolerated by the tolerant.

The only things to be tolerated are violations of law, lapses of common courtesy and common sense, abuses of language, distortions of reasoning, abberations of behavior, and, in a word, chaos, uproar, anarchy, blasphemy, and all the cacophanies of hell.

For this reason, the elites have dedcided to devote all their time and effort to see to the “fundamental transformation” of America, and, indeed of all Western civilization.

Because this devotion, by its nature, darkens the intellect and rejects reality, it renders the devout incapable of performing any other duty.

Hence, the media can no longer report the news; politicians can no longer maintain peace and the public order; entertainers can no longer entertain; academics no longer educate the young.

Instead the news, the theater, and the schools are filled with nothing but leftwing agitprop ceaselessly, and leftwing politicians are traitors.

That is why we are divided. The liberty loving liberals were hollowed out and eaten up by the totalitarian Left, and they departed from the orbit of American virtue and Christian truth and Human decency.

All this, just for the right and privilege of having Gosnell collect the tiny severed feet of his wee victims and keep them on his desk. That is what they sold their souls to buy in return.

The best bargain the Devil ever makes is when you sell your heart and soul and get NOTHING in return.

He smiles his mirthless smile when this happens, even while he weeps steaming tears, and he grinds Judas, Brutus and Cassius between the fangs of his triple mouths more fiercely, delighted, for a moment, at the eternal screams.

Then in vain he kicks his goat legs trapped in the ice at the world’s core (his hoofs are numb, you know, from hanging upside down, and his head is light, since all the blood falls downward from either direction toward his naval) while he beholds the universe of misery around him, and he remembers the joys he lost, and so goes back to sobbing as he fails his vast batwings in the gloom, raising the freezing winds of lowest hell to torment his fellow traitors.