The Defeat of Christ

…  because he knoweth that he hath but a short time (Rev 12:12)

I have been solemnly informed, by a reader who I hope will find other and more profitable uses of his time, that the Leftist in America have defeated Christ and His partisans.

I confess the truth of the comment. Who can deny it? Even the Boy Scouts are fully aboard with the program of glorifying sodomy and gender dysphoria, and it has driven them to bankruptcy this very day, or so I hear.

Defeated? That is not the half of it.

The Dark Lord rules this world. The Gospel of Luke itself testifies that all glory and authority over earthly kingdoms was delivered unto Lucifer the Great; and to whomsoever he wills, he gives it.

Not just the Christians, but all mankind, groans beneath the bootheel of the haughty victor. We have been conquered since Eden.

We are behind enemy lines.

The defeat was culminated, almost, when the Pharaoh almost obliterated the mass of undisciplined Hebrew slaves trapped between his chariots and the Red Sea. And again, almost, by the Amelikites, the Philistines, the all-conquering power of Babylon and Nineveh, and then the Greeks, then the Romans, then the Turks.

Christ himself, our master, was crucified, and utterly defeated on Good Friday. He uttered a cry of despair, asking why God had abandoned him, while the Pharisees and lawyers, smiling in the curls of their beards, looked on and mocked, asking why the so called Son of God cannot even save himself from a cross?

His men were scattered, and eleven of the twelve died vile deaths, either by quick cruelty or slow torture.

Under Nero the followers of this defeated folly were burned alive. Under Domitian, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Severus, Maximus, Decius, Valerian, Aurelian, Diocletian, the full weight of the world-conquering Roman imperial government, and the cruelest tortures ever devised by man, almost defeated the spirit of this Christ, and stamped out the outrageous danger of women and slaves who pray for their persecutors.

Without a blow struck, the Christian took over the Roman Empire, and baptized it, making Rome itself a holy city to this day. So the defeat was put off for a time.

But Spain was conquered by the Mohammedan, as was Libya and Egypt, the Holy Land, and Asia Minor. Byzantium itself, the unconquerable Imperial seat called Second Rome, fell to the cannons of the paynim.

The defeat in the Holy Land was pushed back for a time by Godfrey of Bouillon, one of the Nine Worthies of legend, but it was not to last. Vikings meanwhile plundered the northern lands, and the Western empire collapsed entirely. The last we saw of King Alfred of Wessex, he was defeated by the Dane, cowering in hiding on the island of Athelney in a swamp. Never mind about the baptism of Guthram. The Turks have pushed into Vienna and are sure to take it, any day now.

Defeat! The great edifice of the Church was split in two when Eastern and Western prelates excommunicated each other over a trivial theological dispute! The Coptic and Nestorian withdrew their fealty, and the Japanese, suffering fearful persecution, were cut off from contact with Rome after the Tokugawa Shogunate made the religion illegal.

Defeat is piled upon defeat! There are more Christian martyrs in this century than in all previous centuries combined.

The Lightworker-in-Chief, President Obama, peace be upon him, whom many men wise in the ways of this world regard as a leader greater than Frederick or Stalin, Napoleon or Caesar, was not able to stop ISIS from commanding vast territory to prepare it for the coming caliphate.

And yet even these are nothing compared with the mass exterminations foretold in the visions of Saint John of Patmos. Dark times are coming, followed by darker times.

How can Don Juan of Austria possibly defeat the Turkish armada at Lepanto, when he is so badly outnumbered? No one can dream of defeating the Thousand Year Third Reich, with its disciplined armies, scientific weapons, rockets and u-boats and jet planes, and its scientific vegetarianism! No one can dream of defeating Soviet socialism. Have not the wisest of worldly men among us gone to the new Soviet society and declared: “I have seen the future, and it works.

The Soviet Union is an empire, not to be defeated by a mere actor in the White House, a workingman in Poland, and a Pope. How many tank divisions does the Pope have, anyway? An empire so extensive will not fall in a single day, without a shot being fired.

If Christians were winning, then the first man on the moon would have been a Christian, the first words spoken on the moon would have been a prayer of thanksgiving, and the first bread eaten on the moon would have been the consecrated bread of the Lord’s Supper.

If we were winning, the antichristians would feel the reins of power slipping from their hands. They would grow hysterical, then violent, and resort to comically absurd lies, accusing us of their own crimes, in order to demonize one and all who no longer crave their pomps and favors or care to be bewitched by such deceits.

They would be getting ‘woke’ and going broke, their news ratings would be losing ratings, their coffers losing money,  an they would be losing influence and elections nationwide. Their sexual abuse of women and children would be coming to light.

It is winter in Narnia, endless winter with no springtide, and Christmas never comes. I have heard rumors — rumors it is not safe to repeat — that Queen Jadis is not a Daughter of Eve truly, but descended from jinn or giants, and so has no right to the throne.

Well, all these defeats seem very final, do they not?

One need only consult the mutterings of astrologers and wise witches and necromancers who foretell the future to know how near the final victory of the dark power looms. Or read about it in newspapers own by millionaires rich in worldly wealth. Or watch the telescreen. The Ministry of Truth would not lie about the thing like this, would he?

I hear there is a bombshell in the news today. The walls are closing in. It is the beginning of the end. The noose is tightening.

Christians would be mad creatures to be enflamed with hope, hope without a cause, at an hour like this one. If we did such a foolish thing, the world might mock us, or even martyr us.

Someone should warn men contemplating baptism what the price is for serving the side of endless, infinitely powerful, and all-seeing Love during our brief pilgrimage here in the realm ruled by hate, this disease-riddled, morbid, sin-filled and untruthful ball of confusion and tears we call the mortal world.

Christians, beware! The worldly wisdom holds that hope is folly! We are sure to suffer final defeat and be forgotten by history, just as we have been defeated and forgotten so often before!

Do not be deceived: the storm is gathering. Sell your cloak and buy a sword.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil has come down unto you, having great wrath…

*  *** * *** * *** *

(AFTERWORD: A note of explanation to the overly literal or humor impaired: everything I have said above is true. Good Friday did indeed see the defeat and cruel death of Christ. The Church has been riven by heresy within and wounded by paganism without every year of her long history. Christendom, at times, has wavered on the brink of extinction. The persecutions and torments and martyrdoms do indeed happen. The dire events foreseen in the Book of the Apocalypse are coming, not even the angels know how soon, and the suffering will be great indeed. All true. But what point, equally true as all this, is being left out? )