Just for the Record

The puberty blocking drug used to create so called transgender people has killed six thousand children. Meanwhile an already illegal misuse of vaping products is alleged to have some possible but indirect tie to the death of six. Not six thousand. Six.

One of the products is, according to the death cult pseudo religion of political correctness sacred. The other product interferes with the business practice of a particular rich international industry. Despite what you may have heard, large and established businesses, including tech companies, prosper under socialist economic policies and regulatory regimes.

The same Powers That Be who support and spread political correctness publicly, support and spread privately the admixture of socialist and statist incest between big business and big government, fitliest called plutocracy.

One may indifferently regard plutocracy as the extortion and control of established industry by government, or as the bribery and regulatory capture of government by established industry. Since it is the same one group of the elite, it is misleading to speak of two groups, one controlling or bribing the other.

So one product pleases the Elite, and the other does not. Which of the two, the one which killed six thousand children, or the one which may or may not have had an indirect effect leading to the death of six, do you think the media, and the government, activists and pundits and the entire chattering class, now seek to ban?

CORRECTION: I have been informed from several sources, that the number of people who died from the puberty blocking drug is smaller than I give here: There were 6204 Serous adverse effects from the drug, including 200 deaths.

Meanwhile the number of deaths vaguely related to vaping is now being given as seven or eight.

I think the original point still stands. If the number of deaths is two orders of magnitude greater than those alleged to come from vaping rather than three orders of magnitude, the difference in the death toll is still measured in orders of magnitude.