Justified by Jon Del Arroz goes live!

Jagi, here.
The always entertaining Mr. Del Arroz kindly made this book available in its early stages to as a Perk for the Starquest campaign.* Now Justified is live!  Isn’t that a magnificent cover!

To save a world…
…he must rely on God.

After years of fighting for justice with his deadly nanotech, Templar Drin abandons his post, crash landing on a desert world controlled by a tyrannical alien empire. Its inhabitants are forced into slavery, broken where a once-proud race cultivated its lands.

For the first time in Drin’s life, he has no backup, no support, none of his brothers.

He stands alone against evil.

Drin must face overwhelming odds to liberate millions of slaves from their captors and bring faith to a downtrodden world. But in his way stands the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy.

Can Drin use his Templar training to survive?

Fans of Star Wars and Warhammer 40K will love Justified, the new military science fiction epic from #1 Bestselling author, Jon Del Arroz.

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  • Justified went out to backers a month or so ago. If you believe that you should have received it with your Starquest pledge but have not, please let us know.