Superversive’s First Writing Class Indiegogo Campaign 88% Funded!

Thanks so much to everyone here who has made this possible!!!

Our Indiegogo campaign for The Art and Craft of Writing is nearly funded! This means that we will be bringing to you at least the first few videos of this class in how to understand the nature of storytelling and how to make certain your story is reaching your reader.
Please help keep the momentum up by sharing!  We have some cool Stretch Goal rewards, if we can reach them!

So many authors are in despair. Stories live in their hearts and minds, but they do not know what to do to make their dream become reality.

As an editor, I noticed that 90% of what I was telling my better writers was the same three things.

This course is based on those things. It has been designed to help you learn the secrets the best authors already know about how to captivate your readers and bring your stories to life.

To this end, Superversive Press wants to provide courses on how to write—providing all the tools you need to bring your writing up to the next level!  Our first course is:

The Art and Craft of Writing

Books are enchanting. They are like a draught of strong wine. A good story sweeps us off our feet and carries us to true love, to far off places, to Narnia or Barsoom. With stories, we can reach others, lift them out of sorrow, sometimes even sway the course of lives, or nations.

All authors yearn to bring to vivid life the stories that burn deep within their hearts. They wish not only to see them given life but also to share them and, perhaps, touch the heart of another.

This course will teach you to bring those stories to life!

What Our Students Are Saying:

Here are some responses from students who have taken the in-person version of The Art and Craft of Writing :

“The course is a treasure trove of practical, positive advice you can use immediately to improve your WIP or solidify your ideas for a new project.” author Marina Fontaine

“I  took L. Jagi Lamplighter 

Wright’s “Guinea Pig” writing class last November and it definitely upped my game. Since “graduating” her course, I’ve sold six short stories and am now working on my first novel. Thanks, Jagi.” James Pyles

“I especially liked how you simply laid out ideas about story and characters, which instantly made me go “Oh, yeah! I’ve seen that before!”. … I felt that these were techniques that would have taken me ages to work out on my own, and seeing them simply stated has seriously helped me as a writer.”  Billy Charlton

What We Need:

In order to make this course available for everyone, we need to produce the videos first:

  • We have an excellent narrator for our project. You can hear him in the promo film, but Guild Actors need to be paid!
  • Our hard-working video team needs funds for images and graphics, not to mention food.
  • Plus there may be some cost involved in delivering the videos to consumers in an easy and streamlined fashion.
  • Right now, we are just producing videos for downloading. If the campaign does unexpectedly well, we might possibly be able to also offer DVDs.
  • If anything is left over, once all the videos are made, we would love to do some advertising, to help struggling authors everywhere learn about these helpful tools.

Stretch Goals:

  • $2000 — Fully Funded. Our first four videos will be a go!
  • $3000 — Two more videos!
    Rewards: bonus video for Scribbler and above by successful author and comic book publisher Jon Del Arroz about surviving today’s market.
  • Should we reach this point, there will be more to come!

What The Course Entails:

The Art and Craft of Writing consists of nearly two dozen short classes, but our initial goals are humble. We hope to turn the first four classes into videos that you can replay as many times as you like.

The First Four Classes:

The Story — Engaging Openings

The Character – Breathing Life into Your Characters

The Trick — The Secret to all Storytelling

The Story – To Anticipate or Not to Anticipate!

What is it all actually about?

A bit of a glimpse:

Open Active:    One opening technique is to start scene changes underway and then explain how you got there…unless change significant.

Character Dynamics:  To make a character come to life, give him two conflicting goals. Also, add a scene where he shows a trait at odds with his main traits—this has the same effect in print that shading does in an illustration. It adds a sense of three-dimensionality.

The Trick   Raising expectations in one direction but having the story go in the opposite direction. It sounds simple, but it may be the most useful writing technique of all…the book Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is just the trick over and over again. 

The Power of Anticipation:  Think we’ll stop here. We have to save something for the actual video.


Why can’t I see the Perks?

For some reason, Indiegogo collapses the Perks. You have to click on them to see them. So, here they are!
01 Brave Soul — support the campaign. No reward

02 Dabbler — One Video of Choice

02.5 Writer — Just the ebook: Manual and Exercise Book

03 Scribbler — Four Videos (of choice if we reach our stretch goals)

04 Apprentice Inkslinger — Two Week Intensive Online Writing Course (and four videos)

05 Scribe — Up to ten videos (whatever is funded, up to ten. )

06 Wordsmith — All videos this campaign funds.

07 Poet — Wordsmith, plus:  Our resident Poet will write a poem for your special occasion.

08 Wordslinger — Wordsmith, plus:  A six-week online writing course of your choice.

09 Wordmaster — Wordsmith, plus:  Videos (including any Rewards videos) on a thumb drive.

10 Master Inkslinger — Wordsmith, plus:  Personal instruction for the entire class–24 Lessons.

11 Author — Wordsmith, plus:  A short book video (2 minutes)

12 Audiosmith — Wordsmith, plus: T urn your short story into an audiobook!

13 Scriptwriter — Wordsmith, plus:  Longer video (5 to 15 minutes )

14 Man or Lady of Letters — Wordsmith, plus:  Have your book edited!

15 Master Audiosmith — Wordsmith, plus:  Turn your Novel into an Audiobook!

Think of a Perk you would like that isn’t here? Let us know!

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