Banhammer for Jack Rippa

Just in case our commenter Jack Rippa did not see the notice, I post it here again prominently.

The column here is titled “Not Tired of Winning Yet LXXXVII” and, without any editorial comment whatsoever, repeats the word of the president announcing the grisly death of an enemy of this nation and of all mankind.

JackRippa quipped: “Rejoicing in the death of an enemy? How un-Christian. You ought to be praying for him.”

I asked him, politely at first, and then with increasing impatience on what grounds he accuses me of not having had prayed for this man. I am not claiming the accusation is right or wrong, since it is not a Christian habit to boast about one’s prayer life. I just wanted to know the basis of the accusation.

Jack Rippa replied by saying I had edited something or other. I am not sure what this means, but the original column, which is the only thing he read of mine before making the accusation, has not been edited.

He replied by saying the title is triumphant, as if I were expressing victory.

But I did not ask him whether or not the title of this column expressed triumph or victory. So this is not an answer. It is not on-topic.

I address the following to him alone:

You accused me of breaking the command to pray for one’s enemies. What is your basis for this accusation? What is your evidence that I did not pray?

(1) repeat to me what the evidence was, or
(2) admit you had none and therefore the accusation was groundless, or
(3) get banned.

You have exhausted my patience and my courtesy to you. I have asked you two and three and four times to answer this question, or else to admit manfully that you have no answer, and that the accusation is groundless.