Not Tired of Winning Yet LXXXVIII — What Have you Got to Lose?

” Dems want to invest in Green global projects, I want to invest in Black American families …”

I have heard in recent days from the Left that Trump is a racist and from the Alt-Right that Trump is not racist enough.

Please look at this.

Pay attention particularly to the two men (at 32.50 and 41.25) expanding small businesses in areas blighted by decades of Dem rule. These are not articulate men, but they hardworking, they salute the flag and love the cross.

Allow me to suggest to my leftwing friends that if Trump is a racist, he is least expert racist of all time.

To my Alt-Right friends, allow me to suggest that the race war is not inevitable if the Leftwing attempt to weaponize black anger against whites is deflated before it begins.

To call the race war inevitable, or to call it futile to call out that the Dem racism, is merely to wave the white flag just when the tide of battle is turning.

The Left calls capitalism wicked because it exploits minorities, and the Alt Right calls capitalism wicked because it leads to an intermingling of the races.

Either way, the wickedness of capitalism here seems to be befitting all involved, drawing people out of dependence and poverty rather than driving them into it, and creating a unity of interests between white and black rather than pitting us each against the other, which is the prime policy of the Democrat party, not to mention of Hell.

The Devil does not favor one side over the other when it comes to hate and war. Just as long as hate increases and war breaks out, he smiles his mirthless smile and shows his bloodstained teeth, as hot tears of pain and hate leak down his scarred, ruined, and miserable visage.


ADDED 2019/12/15:

To add weight to the foregoing, please note this:

Approval of President Donald Trump rose to 34.5 percent among black registered voters in a recent Emerson poll.

The number is notable because only 8 percent of blacks voted for Trump in 2016, according to Cornell University’s Roper Center.

The poll of 1,092 registered voters was conducted Nov. 17–20, partly by automated landline calls and partly online. The same poll taken a month earlier showed approval for Trump’s presidency at 17.8 percent among blacks.

And take a look, if you have time, at this:

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Please note the narrow if not unwavering direction of the interviewer’s question, which he asks to all the interviewed: he accuses their motives, and insinuates that they are all acting in bad faith.  While, to a sane person, this is an irrelevant and rude question, to someone on the Left, it is the sole and only question to ask.

Once you judge which road to take by good intentions, and never by bad results, the only way to persuade the faithful off the straight and narrow path is to insinuate that its intentions are false.

I do so like how, when the hapless interviewer makes some stupid claim about “voter suppression laws,” the young lady merely retorts that she carries a driver’s license.