A story in a song — Hard Moon

Jagi ,here.

Ben Zwycky put together an amazing video for Superversive Press’s new release, Hard Moon by David Hallquist. The song reminds me of everything I loved about Science Fiction as a girl. (John really enjoyed the hint in the video that those seeking the Singularity might be the villains.)

When Brandt Wills comes back to life in the caves of Luna, his problems have just begun. Once a renegade enforcer, now a lone survivor of forbidden research, he holds a secret in his blood with deadly consequences. Pursued by the mysterious Singularity, he must fight for survival, with only the mutant symbiote in his blood and an ai system on his side.

“Hard Moon” is the first in a new science fiction thriller series where alien research could mean destruction or salvation for the solar system.

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