Last Straw at NUMBER ONE !!!

Hurrah! Milk the green milk-giving space beast! Quaff the green milk of joy! Let the dribbles of happiness run down the beard of victory!

My new nonfiction work, THE LAST STRAW, a Critical Autopsy of a Galaxy Far Far Away, after only a single day of sales, has reached the stratospheric achievement of becoming a number one best seller on Amazon!

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Number one, that it, for its particular category! Yes, the category of … um … let me look ….

… hmmm … seems to be sort of a narrow category, come to think of it …. Education Philosophy and Social Aspects …

Yes, suddenly now I remember now penning many the thoughtful thought, and deepening many deep deepnesses on the profound profundities of the topic of Education Philosophy and Social Aspects.

This must have to do with my musings on the scene where Mopey Sulkwalker tries to murderize pale-faced Emo Vader with a light-butterknife in his bed at Jedi school at night, fumbles his attack roll, gets parried by a sleeping teenager, and then telekinetically blasted through the dormitory roof.

I do not recall the exact details of the film, but I believe the Jedi master is blown into orbit at super-hyperspace speed, along the way smashing into and threw the lumbering Resistance bombers, igniting their payloads as they dropped straight down in zero gravity, burning all the Jedi sacred texts, which were not page turners, and accidently killing beautiful sister of Tweddledank, the zoink-powered wrench-monkey.

I am sure teachers light-stabbing students in their sleep and then getting their space-behinds kicked from campus to orbit is bad for the philosophical aspects of education society, not to mention bad for the social philosophy of aspective education.

And here I thought I was just a curmudgeonly old fangaffer venting spleen over a combined dumpster-fire clown-car train-wreck of a space opera adventure film. Who knew?

The algorithm installed by Amazon truly have achieved quantum supremacy. Take my word for it as an expert on Education Philosophy and Social Aspects.

(This is why I am not as worried about Skynet taking over the world as I should be.)