Not Tired of Winning XCII

I am counting this as a win, even though, in truth, it merely averting a loss. The 1.4 billion set aside for funding the border wall passed through with the latest Congressional spending bill, far short of the 8 billion the administration requested. So construction on the wall will continue, as before, but slowly, as before.

Here is the reason why the Left can never be allowed the levers of power, ever again:

In response, Sierra Club Borderlands Campaign Co-Chair Scott Nicol released the following statement:

“This omnibus deal fails to protect Dreamers, while funding a dangerous and divisive border wall that will have detrimental effects on our Southwest communities. While it preserves the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge for the time being, it still risks people and places nearby. The threats are still very real and will be felt by communities.

“This wall is much more than a racist campaign soundbite. It comes with dangerous health and safety waivers. Foregoing these bedrock and bipartisan laws has resulted in flooding in places like Nogales where people lost their lives, the destruction of Native American burial sites and the harm of dozens of endangered species and fragmented habitat. Most concerningly, there is zero accountability or consequence for these outcomes.

“It makes no sense to spend nearly $2 billion on an unnecessary and cruel border wall. We will continue to stand against this wall and attacks on immigrants.”

They lied about they lied about Richard Jewel; they lied about Brett Kavanaugh; they lied about Jeffrey Epstein; they lied about Russian collusion; they lied about a phone call to the Ukraine; they lied about the boys from Covington Catholic High; they lied about Obamacare; they lied about Benghazi; they lied and continue to lie about global warming, global cooling, and every environmental issue ever to grab a headline; they lie about Trump all day, every day; and they lie about you, and call you a racist homophobic Islamophobic cis-hetero-patriarchal bigoted irredeemable deplorable clinging bitterly to your guns and your Bibles. They lie so much about you that they have to coin new buzz words and catchphrases every three years or so to give room to new lies.

Why should they tell the truth about a border wall?